1. Specifically for the Illuminatrix: you daydream about her on the subway after a chance encounter at a distant friend's house party. You don't know her at all but somehow you kind of do :)

  2. I love top right and top left as well as bottom middle and bottom right HTTs. I love her hair in all of these too.

  3. No Fenty or The Row or Ivy Park... No Yeezy... No Golf Wang, Rare or even Kylie Cosmetics... but Rhode??

  4. Also I love Flower Beauty but that might be my Drew Barrymore bias.

  5. I recall Rita giving cottage core as an example for RD in one of her videos but I agree. Process is a key clue to understanding where in the quadrants one slots into.

  6. I’m obsessed with this. The shoes in particular.

  7. I think people ID Billie as SN because she's Lana Wood's (the prime SN) doppelganger. But yeah I don't know if ID-ing her is useful; if people feel drawn to emulate her styling Kibbe is probably the last of their thoughts. I have the same thoughts on FloPugh but to a lesser degree.

  8. Hugh; Barnabas (Barney); Godric; Wolfhelm; Gavin; Otto

  9. Based on these pics I see a strong argument for SD!

  10. I’m new to Kibbe typing so I’m not exactly an expert, but I didn’t think of her as SD because while she does have curves, i don’t see much flesh on her body.

  11. You could say the same for Rachel Weisz or even Rita Hayworth. I think she does look fleshy.

  12. Surprised at all the SC guesses. I think she’s a great example of a SN. Frame and a really curved hip line. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a bit more yang either.

  13. Thanks for the breakdown OP! I'd love to see more.

  14. My aesthetic isn’t coherent even though I know where I fit in a lot of style systems. My aesthetic changes and jumps around depending on my mood, so maybe my answer isn’t as helpful. My wardrobe is chaotic and lovely. I think it makes sense that you’re left up and approach dressing in this way!

  15. I’m RD. My favorite sneakers are my turtledove Fila Disruptors, my white platform Keds and a pair of patchwork vans. I don’t like any sneakers with a high top that covers the ankle, I prefer the slip on ones. I also had a pair of bright yellow converse that I wore down to the ground RIP.

  16. I like athleisure and I have a little bit of it! My favourite set comes from

  17. Oh, she didn’t give you a quadrant when you talked?

  18. It's a good question! I take accommodating width to mean incorporating a sense of ease and flow, irregular and abstract shapes and asymmetries into a head to toe outfit. That's the basis of it. That's the natural family boiled down into an essence - free and fresh. I come from a SN perspective so disclaimer, my examples are geared towards yin width accommodation.

  19. Manifesting 9. I Need it for chaotic dinner party guessing game shenanigans.

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