Republicans Move to Ban Abortion Nationwide

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  1. I like that you included most of ur kinks, my fav toy atm is a pulsating suction toy! Are you still looking?

  2. I know Plenty of people around your age playing still. Its a fun game. Do what you want!

  3. When I first started getting into MH I was young and very sad but everything about MH made me feel like I could grow up and be fabulous like all of the ghouls. No matter my shape, size, background or past. MH is a magical wonderful thing that teaches people about compassion, spontaneity, adventure, growth and friendship. I LOVE love Monster High because the dolls, movies and shows all make me feel so at peace with myself. I feel like a coool ghoul!

  4. I feel like there is too much drama around it in general. I have been attacked for including she and they pronouns. Which is correct! Gen 1 AND Gen 2 are both She/her. So addressing frankie as a whole I don’t really think it matters what you call it. Its a toy, a doll. Its fictional and as long as your respecting REAL PEOPLE; non-binary, trans, a-gender, female or whatever it is that people are. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

  5. Im a big fan of breakfast in bed, maybe a bib, and nicely cut up pancakes. Mommy time, that sounds special.

  6. I love kittens play pen, they cater to all petplayers, they do customs. Have a variety of options to pick from. Wired or non wired. Lots of cute colors to pick from, great shapes.

  7. I do not recommend vuzara cause they rep high quality but their ears looks very tacky and just weirdly shapen for puppies.

  8. I bought the six pack but I don’t really want it right now so I can save that money for the core dolls, I can sell it to you for retail if you’d like! It will be to my house on Tuesday

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