1. Yeah in high school I got rejected for my appearance, being different, having interests such as liking Anime and Kpop, quiet, shy, too nice and apologizing alot too, my fashion back then was horrible. I was the definition of unpopular. Now that I'm an adult and can wear my own style and have learned to be myself and just talk and make jokes alot. I can be expressive and outgoing, but noticed that even when I was outgoing, people still avoided and rejected me, so there was no difference.

  2. I'm sorry for asking, but what do you mean with ''The way i talk'' how do you talk?

  3. Omg my manager told me I had to work all the holidays and weekends because (according to her) I “don’t have a family” LOL. Excuse me??? So I have to suffer a lonely existence and simultaneously do all the worst shifts at work because I’m a loner.

  4. hahaha yeah right! they EXPECT that we take those shift since we are not ''doing anything'' on those days.

  5. It is pretty awesome The best part of living here is the almost nonexistent daily harassment that I often got in the US. I went for a night walk last night listening to music and it was completely peaceful and safe 😌 I think it’s a really good place for introverts like myself to live

  6. I'm kinda fast, I shoot arrows pretty good despite impaired vision, and I put together really cute holiday getups.

  7. Yes. I feel so good when I hold back an arrow, then release it upon the target. It's like I'm releasing the stresses and burdens of the day. I don't go to ranges. I just do it in my backyard with one of my long bows.

  8. ok let me tell are fucking awesome. It sounds so cool! and badass!

  9. I put my forever alone sad feelings into donating to toy drives. I buy items on sale all year and match them to Angel Tree tags or I make Operation Christmas Child boxes.

  10. I'm a 34 virgin. Damaged in another way. Tried with 3 different men something by chat, but it didn't work out. I'm too naive, goofy and at the same time blunt, I guess since I wasn't flirty they lost interest

  11. what do you mean with ''damaged in other way'' ?

  12. I'm so sorry about this. that comment was creepy AF! i hate that ugly men think that they can get away with that crap just because we are not the pretty bubbly girl of the room.

  13. Hey if you want i can go to that forum and tag up with you to diss him, that will show him :P

  14. This doesn't sounds good to be honest. It sounds like a text book pump and dump.

  15. Yeah you are a terrible person tbh...for not sharing this guy info! haha

  16. Its really hard to be honest. Dating Apps Suck big time.

  17. Oh yes, luck has a lot to do in this. Finding a good partner has a lot to do with timing. I think i have good quialities and im not that ugly (i think) but o haven't been able to find a good one. You need to be in the right place at the right time.

  18. oh yeah that’s what i’m trying to think too. not think of it as a date, just getting lunch with someone and it was a nice lunch. i’m getting exhausted of introducing myself though. how do you make the conversation different? guys often ask me what do you do for work? what are your hobbies? and we spend an hour exchanging the answers based on that. i like to ask interesting questions too, but usually those have to get out of the way first and it often takes up a lot of time. oh and family is the other main one. like first dates have to consist of these first before you get all the basics out

  19. Exactly, there is where everything starts to go wrong, it's really hard to make a different conversation. Because if you go to a 3 different dates you have to do the same over and over, go trough the Basics like school, job, family, then talk about shallow gets boring. And sometimes you go through all that and when you expect to get to the interesting part, you find the guy is already waiting to turn everything into sex stuff. Or simply doesn't want to go the the interesting/depth conversation because he isn't looking for that u__u

  20. i actually have been out with genuine guys but when i tell them things it’s just weird. like they try to seem interested but they don’t have much of a reaction. and i don’t expect them too either bc i don’t towards their stories either. and the reason is because we’re still strangers

  21. Of course. i Understand what you mean. It's really hard to feel real interest in someone no matter how good they look, because we are still strangers. That's why i lost my hope with dating. I dont know where to go from here to be honest.

  22. In my spare time CanyonsEclipse loves doing the following:

  23. you have so many cool hobbies! i like that! i also liked how you talked about yourself in 3rd person! :P

  24. I'm so sorry you feel like this :( I feel similarly. My negative thoughts have become all-consuming. My mental health is at an all time low. All the people I knew from school are getting engaged and have healthy social lives and good careers. And I'm just rotting. I only managed to perform well in academic/ work environments due to financial support from my parents and due to having ZERO social life. But I would prefer to have friends and a spouse and to be happy...rather than this empty existence.

  25. Don't play like that. I know that you meant this in a metaphorical sense...But words can have power you know. And you may end up with someone making you an offer for that soul. And you know what happens with those deals...right?

  26. A couple days back my mom was saying the same thing.

  27. A lot of lifting heavy stuff because we're still moving our things from our old house. This morning was very hot, and so I guess it's kinda blessing to have a rainy and just a bit humid afternoon. (Oh well, global warming is so real and we know this... :<)

  28. I'm in a fit, wealthy area at the moment and there are SO many attractive people. I think attractive people migrate to certain areas (like LA, Beverly Hills, Miami)

  29. Not a bad idea.That thought has crossed mi mind a lot tbh

  30. Not literally, but I know so many bw that have bfs with no job, no car, no ambition, they literally do nothing but lounge around all day. The bw usually has a house, job, and car though and their bf just lives off of her. There are no dates. They just smoke and fuck. We will get called gold diggers for pointing this out, but as another commenter wrote out, white/EA/non-black women demand this for the most part and men have no problem with giving it to them.

  31. I hate being compared to Asian men. I see them with gfs all the time whereas the vast majority of black women I meet are single. They don’t face anywhere near the level of verbal abuse and physical abuse we get from black men. And majority of them don’t like black women and have an obsession with blue-eyed blonde white women.

  32. what do you mean with ''basically pay for their bfs'' ? Like literally?

  33. Happy birthday sweetie! i wish you all the best!

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