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  1. Yeah, I can't see many people, even a racist, saying something so blatant like that.

  2. Thanks! Il have a look. Hoping there's not too many 😅

  3. I'm 90% sure this is the one. I'm on my phone and not signed into steam, but this looks like it!

  4. I need to prepare "space" for me to get worse though. Two years can be a long time and I might become worse...

  5. I never thought I would here the words, 'Liberal,', 'nationalist,' and, 'Europhile,' in the same sentance.

  6. hahaha i'm joking. that's a nickname. her name is josie

  7. Honestly, you could name her, 'Hell, destroyer of planets, butcher of children,' and she would still be cute!

  8. Firefighters are planning it too. All the important groups are coming out and pushing the government, thats a good thing.

  9. Can firefighters strike? If I was to have a fire, who am I supposed to call, or am I supposed to put it out myself?

  10. Yea the army takes over for the duration of the strikes, i forgot the names of the trucks they use but they striked at least twice in the last 30 years.

  11. One of the most fucked up things I saw was a dog tied to a tree, then it was blowtorched alive.

  12. As a man, being kicked in the balls in incredibly painful. Leaving you with stomach pains and feeling sick for about 10 minutes in my experience, it truly is a horrible experience.

  13. That's half of this sub tbh, zero social skills to realize it takes way less to say something than pulling out your phone to post for internet points.

  14. My understanding was that the idea of eternal suffering was created hundreds of years after the Book of Revelation was written, previously, the idea of hell was anhilationism, where our soul just stops existing.

  15. As far as I'm aware, the investigation is still on going, it would be unfair to sack someone for doing something if there isn't the evidence to prove something.

  16. Roe v. Wade WAS the middle ground. The PL side has zero interest in compromise.

  17. Roe was not a compromise, that was a decision mandating the pro-choice stance, causing the deaths of millions of babies over the last decades.

  18. Sundays where everything was shut and there was nothing to do except wait for your Sunday bath and watch Last of the Summer Wine.

  19. Why not? It is much easier to unite a people towards a common goal if they share a culture and a set of values.

  20. The problem with calling yourself a national socialist, is the first thing that came to my mind, was the NSDAP.

  21. Why would the LGBT percentage impact this or why would the left leaning impact this, polygamy is a religious and ultra conservative idea.

  22. It isn't. Polyamorours is part of the LGBT+ movement, it used to be the religious, but a lot of religious have moved to monogamy.

  23. The fact that multiple people are voting yes to this is incredibly disturbing, it's sad that society is growing to accept pervs and deviants like polygamists...

  24. I wouldn't of had the courage to say that on Reddit, but I completely agree, I saw on (I think)

  25. I always find it funny that churches have one or two well paid pastors and then an army of volunteers doing all the real work. It feels like middle management to me. The best pastors I’ve ever had had lives outside the church. It grounded them in reality.

  26. What type of Church do you go to? We have one Pastor who is barely paid the minimum wage, nearly all of the collection goes to a local charity, and barely enough volunteers to keep the Church open.

  27. I'll have to do that because I'm still not able to put this damn mill down lol! Thanks!

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