1. XMen and Batman fans when the two (apparently) worst characters in fiction end up together

  2. Ayyo can anyone with premium reply to this with a saul gif

  3. I HATE MAD HATTER I HATE MAD HATTER I HATE MAD HATTER… ok but fr he may not be my favorite Batman villain but even I can probably think of a better casting choice than this.

  4. DC is property of Warner so they really don't need to do too much work to have it happening, however DC doesn't have a good track record doing this.

  5. Possible way around I could think of is maybe have a Ben Prime comic series, but any crossover be done with a “DC universe” Ben, same powers and personality but not the same importance to the universe, just a thought

  6. First one looks better on its own or on shirts and stuff but imo the second looks better on the actual Nightwing Suit

  7. The idea of assigning "good guy" to any character in Watchmen is someone's first mistake when reading it

  8. I’m making a live action Family Guy movie, and using the extra 150 mill to pay off the lawsuits this would entail

  9. Really a shame we didn’t get a Black Hand in the McFarlane wave, hope we get a wave 2 with that, White lantern Hal, a Sinestro, and maybe another miscellaneous Black lantern

  10. I have the 2 other Nightwings from the same company, with the shinier logos, one blue and one red, tempted to get this one still

  11. Faster, more maneuverable, ability to hold passengers easier, easier to aim weapons because they move with you instead of having to aim separately, lots of reasons.

  12. I unironically do think it's very well-written, and I have read both War and Peace AND Moby Dick, which are both very long and filled with big words so I think I know a thing or two about literature. and i'm only half-joking about that

  13. Your comment made it very clear you did in fact read Moby Dick + War and Peace, and were inspired because like those books, this comment is very long and I will not read it all

  14. XMen wave has exactly 1 figure with adequate accessories, it’s truly amazing how far we’ve fallen in terms of getting them.

  15. I've seen a lot of people mention how great that wave is too.

  16. Oh it’s really great, in terms of characters at least, but accessories have been lacking, and there are some real disappointments there (Siren, Darwin)

  17. I know we probably get too much Wolverine, but I’d like a Wolverine and the XMen wave or 2, like Wolverine, Iceman, Shadowcat, Beast, Quicksilver, Magneto, plus more.

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