1. I make ~75% what you do and I’m comfortably able to afford a $68k Audi S5 Sportback. I bought it two years used with <20k miles for $45k. My payment is $650/month. I save ~40% of my income spread between retirement and brokerage accounts so I don’t feel like paying for the car is at all a stretch or impacting my lifestyle in any way.

  2. Yea I make 6 figures as well and I definitely can afford a C8 or a Supra which is what I plan on getting, idk what op is on.

  3. I got a hybrid pretty recently. Love it to death just finding that the bowl is pretty breakable. Unlike the classic solid valve, there’s all kinds of plastic bits on it that seem to fall off, and then I managed to crack the whole thing by tightening too hard. This probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d cleaned more regularly… only other small complaint is that it makes a very light extended beep kind of noise, just by being on. I’ve managed to overlook it by now

  4. Mines doesn’t beep you should look into that, how did the bowl break tho, was it when you were joining the two pieces or putting it on the volcano

  5. To be fair I have no idea who you are, I just downvoted you for caring about votes in the first place and assuming people know who you are. Calm down dude, it's just the internet and imaginary points.


  7. I’ll never understand people like him who ruin their life/opportunities doing stupid shit

  8. I would say this is in the top of all the products I’ve tried. Might pick up some 92 cookies by them this week.

  9. What is a software QA? A million comments talking about it, but not one person mentions what the actual job is, and I’m just curious lol

  10. Quality assurance, they do the testing and can give feedback. Very important but companies usually skimp out on them

  11. I got a degree already. Just trying to get in entry level now. Shits stressful.

  12. Just keep making projects and get your LinkedIn together, recruiters or connections + project to show your skill is the best way to get into the door at entry level.

  13. The trunk was the deal breaker for me. I could get over the weirdly angled infotainment, the phone charger being kinda behind the driver, and all the other weird shit of the interior/plus the view, but basically not having a trunk was a bridge too far. Who the hell signed off on that?

  14. Man I couldn’t get over any of the stuff you listed, I rented a 2SS last month and I couldn’t get over how unergonomic it was. Even the window switches and arm rest where slanted weird and placed in an awkward place.

  15. these are JyArZ? what site did you get them on? I dont see the metal ones for sale on their homepage.

  16. They are talking about the white one, the other ones look like portable pill containers

  17. I appreciate both of these responses, and I am assuming that from what you all are saying, that a little bump in tolerance is to be expected for my daily usage?. So that’s good to know.

  18. I would skip the Dynavap and induction heater and get an actual desktop

  19. I also vape daily usually so a tolerance increase is to be expected, especially if you overconsume and just try to get high as possible every time.

  20. I’ve been using the finest plate for it and all my other vapes, use my large BCG too

  21. I'm moving to San Diego in two weeks. I appreciate your sacrifice.

  22. Definitely giving this a try while I’m waiting on these shrooms to grow, this post was a big deciding factor thx

  23. Love your username lol, caps tend to reduce vapor production so give it a try without and see if you like it more

  24. I'm sorry that the wait is so long for the Nomads. What continues to be an issue is just how long the Nomad IIs take me to make. They are much work.

  25. How many more Nomads do you have before you are caught up and do you plan on just doing mostly Toad only after that?

  26. Crazy that's a "fire sale" price. Seeing the Supra starting at $50K still confuses me a little. I know it's a modified BMW in the same price range (making it hard for Toyota to justify a lower price point (both in terms of costs and justifying undercutting BMW with their own product), but it doesn't strike me as a $50K+ vehicle, even carrying the 6-cylinder.

  27. Everything about it is a 50k+ vehicle it’s really a good value for what you are getting.

  28. Well, like I said, the Camaro and Mustang (though not necessarily sports cars) offer good, powerful options for quite a bit less. The S3, though a 4-door, gives you something similar with, IMO, a few more niceties (AWD and 4 doors) at the same price point. It's expected that the TT6-powered Z is going to be, or below, the base Supra.

  29. The supra has a better quality and designed interior, better tech, the b58 is great in performance and mpg, it looks more exotic, handles better, and its faster than the cars you listed.

  30. It makes me wonder if there is some sort of licensing of the seeds that causes this sort of thing. It reminds me of Granddaddy Purple at POW. It always sold out so fast, and the budtenders talked about how popular it was, but they up and stopped growing it. It was my favorite :(

  31. There is a restriction on growing space so they have to reduce or end growing something to grow some new flower.

  32. Ohio Clean Leaf, Ancient roots, Klutch… sure there is more

  33. I practically studied hard to get an engineering degree to buy a mustang gt. Now that I actually graduated and have a nice job you cant find a used mustang gt under 40k

  34. we have about the same body type, do you still like it? has it sunk majorly yet or has it just broken in like a normal matress?

  35. I still like it and everyone who has tried it liked it as well but we’re thrown off by there price lol.

  36. You don’t even have to be speeding in mason to get pulled over, you how anything over 2mph over the limit and the lights are coming on. Got a ticket in October for going 4 over in mason.

  37. Yea I was going 8 over but he tried to say he got me at 20 over, nonsense

  38. Yeah the only reason I got out of my ticket was my dash cam. He tried to say he clocked me going 16 over, really convenient number because 15+ is reckless. I assumed he thought I was going to get freaked out and admit to driving to fast since I was and still am pretty young but I knew I was in the right. The judge luckily threw it out but I don’t think they would’ve if I didn’t have the dash cam.

  39. Yea I was driving my sisters car without a dash cam, I’ve told her to get one for this exact reason. It was some bs

  40. Sounds like a lot of you would cry if I told you how much I pay for a 1br in downtown NYC

  41. Yes I don’t get why people are so upset over this? Most of these people had no interest in living downtown anyway based on the comments

  42. I said in another comment I don’t think the amenities in the area justify the price. People can justify high prices in NYC because it’s “open” 24 hours a day and you can see and do pretty much anything. That’s not Pendleton/OTR/Downtown.

  43. Ahh well that makes sense, they actually raised the prices up a couple hundred to the current prices back in Oct.

  44. Is there a way to add a pic of the label information to this post. I wanted to share that with community but I can't seem to figure it out.

  45. You can’t edit post titles or media posts after you post them On Reddit.

  46. As the title says, I’ve been waiting a few years to be frugal enough to buy one of these majestic beauties. I’m super partial to one of a kind (although there are many in the “Treefrog” style) handmade pieces.

  47. I’m glad it lived up to your expectations, got mines back in Nov and it’s been my main vape

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