1. Any proof to back that up? I see this stuff sometimes, nobody ever gives proof.

  2. Lol no. Considering how expensive all of the lab equipment is, and the weird spot that cannabis testing is in legally, how in the world could anyone have proof? Just to be clear, im not saying anyone is "pumping" a certain company or strains numbers. I just don't really have any reason to put any faith in those numbers. And there's literally ONE testing facility. Unless something's changed.

  3. I don't see a reason to make it seem like some conspiracy just cause they do most of the state's testing.

  4. Yet again, no conspiracy. Incorrect numbers. If something tests EXACTLY the same at 3 different facilities, its legit. Its not a conspiracy, its literally how EVERY other state handles testing.

  5. This is dope, and yet another card im glad they didn't upshift to mythic!

  6. The print run was pretty big on zendikar but the expeditions were only in around 1/15 booster boxes and the only decent chance to get one was in the collectors boxes. Double masters most likely has a smaller print run, but at the same time, they knew what they were tossing into these boxes so they most likely expanded the print run for 2x2 and I’m sure cavern will be In more than 1/15 boxes. There will most likely be a ton opened up the first few months of release which will inject so much more supply into the market all at once. I could be wrong but i still think it’s going to dip below 30. And the caverns I bought btw were lp so that’s “actual price. Not no market price or whatever. There were more around at that price as well for a decent while.

  7. Every box came with an expedition box topper? CB's had 2? Unless you mean specifically Cavern. Idk. I have an og cavern and a foil expedition, but that borderless one lookin RIGHT though!

  8. Says right on the label, they add "strain specific terpenes", and cbd isolate. Its a pass for me. Farkas Problem Child flower slaps though.

  9. Bro thank you very much over a year your comment helped me <3

  10. Np, they don't make it known in any of the menu's or anything!

  11. We actually do have both the strains you mentioned. Verano has Blue Dream, and Firelands Scientific has Northern Lights.

  12. Appreciate the post OG! I saw these listed at my dispo and was very curious bout quality and genetics. Got my upvote for sure!

  13. Aaaand all of them are only 4 cards. Guess that last SL batch really was a test.

  14. Burgeoning/Remora in foil will be the moneymaker. Bought four.

  15. Indeed. I actually love the new art for both of them, too!

  16. That's what happened to me. I was building my godzilla set and they all started flying off the shelves and I panicked and bought one off TCG player. It is worth noting that previous I bought one for 90 bucks foil NM off cardkingdom but had to return it because the foil was so disgusting, made me stop buying foils from card kingdom actually how they approached my situation. They said the condition of the foil doesn't matter for a NM grade only the condition of the cardstock. I told them to just process a refund then because I was still in the refund time window.

  17. Strange, mine is actually quite nice. I didn't have any issue with Ikoria foils. My Commander Legends foils are disgusting.

  18. I bought a foil Ghidora for $200 NM don't be like me

  19. I managed to pull one and regret not selling it immediately! Last time I even looked it was like $60-$80.

  20. Song slaps, literally how I felt as I listened! New album gonna be fiy!

  21. Box toppers did put draft boxes in the same league as VIP because foils curl so hard. In the 2022 packs you'll likely get 1-2 common/uncommon extended/full arts while the last card in pack can be rare/mythic in full art, etched or whatever printing.

  22. Double masters foils actually didn't curl at all. Atleast none of mine did. Commander Legends was a fucking nightmare though.

  23. Honestly, I think this is dope af. These are all just uncommons, but I absolutely LOVE most of the new art (what are YOU doing Eternal Witness). Im still hyped af for this set, and will still be skipping tf out of CL2 to save money for this set.

  24. Edit: The KND full art lands are bugged, but tbh I kinda like the way it makes these Plains look!

  25. That's the background on land cards. Usually the art is in front of it and you only see the border.

  26. Ohhhh, that combined with the above comment makes sense! I was like "tf are these!?!"

  27. God damn it man, someone get some shit in the southeast! I'm tired of driving an hour to 2 different dispos!

  28. Living that Sunnyside/OVNR life, I feel it. Could be worse though. Rough with gas so high.

  29. A simple google search will say the best RH for pressing flower is 60-65%

  30. Literally every strain is different. There are sweet spots for temp, pressure, and humidity. Have you ever pressed any flower? Or just searched Google about it?

  31. I'm really not trying to be "that guy" but a few comments earlier you said there was no point to pressing cured flower. Anything that's been flash frozen at the peak of ripeness (i.e. immediately upon harvest) is going to gush WAY harder than anything thats been dried, let alone cured. 9 out of 10 rosin products in our program are LIVE rosin, or LIVE (insert term for various forms of dabs). So, literally most everything you've been consuming through the state was pressed higher than 65% my guy. Im simply trying to educate, rather than being wishy washy and contradictory af from comment to comment.

  32. I have always waited 2-3 months of getting my stuff since the September 2020 drop. No matter if you order big or small, you might have to wait that long.

  33. There was like 2 drops where I actually had my shit in hand in about a month, we're talking ollllld drops though. You could be waiting up to like 6 months no joke. Be thankful you're in the US, I've heard Euro nightmare stories.

  34. ngl yall gonna hate me for this, but this sounds like mainstream trash bro. all love to shake and g59, but man this ain’t it for me

  35. lol, nobody hates you. But, FR Have you heard ANY of his EARLY stuff, when he was tryna be Future?! Sounded a lot like this ^^^ lol.

  36. Thanks for the quick review, when I saw klutch post all the live rosin pod strains I was like "TF IS DAT!?!". Still waiting for more sundae driver/ star pebble pods/concentrates.

  37. Omfg im drooling! Soooo jealous! I got a .85 of the live resin when I got my peak pro, its so smooth, tasty, and such a good wake n bake.

  38. Yeah, aside from the insanely fast parts. I’m used to this kind of music

  39. I get it, I truly do. It's the same with heavy music, ppl be like "you understand him!? It just sounds like yelling to me!" And I do comprehend MOST of it. But im not even gna front, I fucked up Ruby's verse in O Pana for about 2 years til I saw the lyrics, lmfaooo! It's the same as listening to music in ANY language other than English. You don't have to understand it to feel it. Or to replicate it (or come close).

  40. Mine was literally ONE big ass top bud, you won't be disappointed. the Orange Velvet Underground is fantastic too, 3 golden spears in my artifact. Literally smells like orange candy, comes on very slowly, and then BAM, you have "le tingles" in your whole body. Either way you can't go wrong. EPBC is more Sativa (though heavy medication can knock you out) OVU is more Indica. though, I'd say, grab the EPBC.

  41. I ended up getting my first luster battery and a pod of ice cream cake. Never tried luster before, so went with that since klutch is on sale

  42. My luster pod goes to work with me EVERY day, lmfao! Welcome to the club, now you'll turn your nose up at regular carts! ICC is fire too, love the Pod!

  43. Is that a MA Regrowth Playmat I see!? I've honestly loved klutch pods since they switched them to clear from the black pods! If you're having trouble feeling "medicated" from your usage, I'd highly recommend a 3 day Tolerance break. Thc has a 72 hour half life. You'd be amazed by the difference after 3 days!

  44. I went HAM on strixhaven collector packs chasing Demonic Tutor! Lmfaooo

  45. I just got a 10th of this a few days ago. It was really dry and kinda harsh. I'm hoping the Boveda helps because I REALLY want to like this strain. I'm having a hard time finding straight wedding cake, and of course it seems to work the best for my day time pain. I have high hopes for this strain!

  46. Woodward has a fantastic cut of WC, haven't seen it for quite a while though!

  47. Daaaaamn, flex warning!!! This will be me when my income tax hits in 8 or 9 months lmfaoooo! Which strains did you get? And how many of each Also? Also, the slimmed down plastic packaging is new to me, only ever seen the 3 packs like that!

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