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  1. Personally I do 20 minutes at 500 then drop to 450 uncovered for about 20 minutes, if you look into my history you can see the color of what most of my breads come out and that’s what I’d personally recommend.

  2. Same for all structural steel, but we never aimed to be light...ever. That was recipe for accidentally being too light, especially in a mill without tension control.

  3. I’d like to say “I don’t care what I’m wearing” but tbh looking svelte in a slick racing kit is actually pretty important (to me.)

  4. When visiting the in-laws, any excuse to get away is valuable but this here is a real treat.

  5. Price Breakdown (includes gas for used or tax/shipping for new)

  6. If it was only partially welded then it would be able to rock back and forth slowly fatiguing the metal which would have taken time because it would have a very small range of motion. If you look at the end you should see that the metal is not all uniformly coloured which would indicate lack of fusion and or impurities in the weld.

  7. Nice! I was just going to calculate the shear static strength, with a safety factor of 4 (needs to be at least 4 since it is a lifting application). Just to see. The fatigue from dynamic loading over time would need to be considered in a real world analysis, as well as bending stress and dynamic amplification factor from dropping the weight onto the j hooks. That step would have to be considered as well; sharp corners are stress risers. Should be radiused or undercut at the step. You could do a little failure analysis and take a look at the broken cross section for porosity or grain structure issues. But, I was just going to do the 5 minute static shear for curiosity.

  8. You guys are on the right path but don’t forget that the weld may not be across the whole area of the pin. Notice the patterning on the pin. I have a feeling that it was a defective weld (or braze.)

  9. Drop your hips at the start and push from the glutes. You’re on the right track. 🤜🏽

  10. Is this a lat pull over machine?? Trying to understand what this beautiful machine is.

  11. Reddit is full of wise opinions but only yours matters in this case.

  12. Oh man, funny you should say that about magnesium as I’ve been having terrible insomnia for two weeks and this weekend I tried a magnesium supplement and slept like a baby. Very happy now 🤜🏽

  13. Is that a Trek knockoff? It has the same font, it totally confused me.

  14. So funny thing, I tried this yesterday (breakfast OMAD) for the first time but when I got to dinner time it was so hard that I eventually broke down. How do you get by not eating dinner? PM OMAD seems so much easier, no?

  15. Lots of treats should help! What breed is the dark one?

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