1. Believe it or not some men don't want freeloaders anymore. He'd be a pussy if he was giving her a free ride out of fear of losing her. This is 2022. We're equal now. 50-50 everything. I don't understand why equality upset you so much.

  2. Free ride??????? You sound like you’ve never had a gf talking about women and relationships like that.

  3. Married 6 years. Every year it gets better. We both contribute equally and love it that way. Had plenty of gf cause I'm not a doormat simp. A lot of women like and respect that. You sound like a freeloader btw

  4. So if you plan on having kids your wife can take care of them and also work as much as you so she can contribute 50/50. Sounds like you’re the freeloader lol!!!

  5. these rap and hip hop subs literally cannot quit being addicted to drake lmfao. do you even believe this, or did you just know the reddit hive mind would agree with you? can't click on literally any post without drake slander lol reddit really obsessed

  6. Ya but before I felt like I was the only one not riding drake. He has been soft all along finally sheeple are catching up

  7. I feel like the OP is such a hater and obv never had kids. When you have 3 under 3 it IS your whole personality and it’s not your fault it’s called being a mom and it’s all encompassing.

  8. I worked with a girl who had 2 kids like 9 or 10 months apart. She came back from maternity leave after like 6 weeks and informed us she was pregnant again. Why or how you ask? She assumed she wasn't fertile right after birth and was breastfeeding.

  9. It’s actually true. When you are breastfeeding full time you can’t get pregnant. It’s called the lactational amenorrhea method google it

  10. You need to use a chemical exfoliator for the body weekly. Something with AHA, BHA or glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc

  11. What’s the deal? I can’t find anything online about how she’s clearly close to death

  12. Lmao.... she looks really scary and it’s obvious she’s had a face lift!

  13. They should have more classical music at music festivals. It’s fun!

  14. Absolutely, joey is a much better artist than j cole, and I think he’s on par with kendrick. Joey still has alot of time as well, he’s almost 10 years younger than kendrick. I think kendrick edges joey in albums, but I prefer joeys flow and rapping slightly more

  15. No. Joey is an exceptional emcee and artist, but he ain’t “number 3”. He simply doesn’t have the discography to back this up. Kendrick and Cole have albums that are regarded as hip hop classics. IMO, we all know that the rapper most worthy being in the “holy trinity” is Drake, however, it can also be argued that he has been forever disqualified from this discussion because of the whole ghostwriting revelation.

  16. Drake is BASIC. It’s a shame that more people can’t understand that what Joey is doing is other worldly. Did you see him in MR. RObOT? Genius. Did you listen to love is only a feeling? It’s the essence of love entirely.

  17. Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  18. Their faces are so different it makes me feel like Dakota cannot be a flamboyant natural, she’s too round in the facial features compared to the angularity of Anne

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