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  1. I’ve always loved the look and integrated bracelet of the oysterquartz, but never really seen a rep one; would love to see if they exist !

  2. The best part about that is, if I were to go the quartz route they are relatively “cheap”.

  3. I wanna know why real wax is so damn cheap but carts are expensive I went to Colorado and was getting full grams of live resin for 15 and 20 bucks but the carts were like 50 for a .5

  4. because people will pay 50 bucks for how convenient a pen is, with actual wax you either gotta have a wax pen or a rig; and even with a wax pen you need to keep it clean regularly.

  5. I used a ooze tanker for like 5 months, never crapped out and gave it to my girl. If it works for you, who cares, voltage depends on who’s Using it so enjoy that shit brother.

  6. "people who don't play the game the way I do are crybabies!"

  7. It’s preference, neither is better or worse, smoke what you want, try both, see what sticks for YOU!

  8. Flavor tastes exactly like strawberries and the high is very nice. Not sure if the “live resin” is actually live resin but does not smell nearly as skunky as other live resins. This was my first select cart and quite frankly I’m impressed and looking to get more this upcoming 4/20. I know select does not have the best rep however Curaleaf in Massachusetts like religiously stocks their products, and ONLY their products.

  9. Although they have been slowly adding new brands like UKU and Rythm disposables.

  10. I think I decided on the POTV 1, however, I cant buy it until I'm 21 :joy:, thank you Massachusetts!

  11. I'm doing the same thing right now man. I'm not gonna smoke till the late afternoon, weeks prior I would wake n' bake the second my brain processed I had woken up. I had been high for roughly 2 weeks now? (I don't smoke in school however). It's kind of nice to be in ur body for once.

  12. If you’re 21 or have a card, you will go to a dispensary if you actually care what ur smoking. These people are usually young, not too smart, and believe a plug for some reason.

  13. Look at that rod, also a beer in the car? Better start looking for a new plug this guy ain’t gonna last long. (Driving and lung wise if he smoking those lmao)

  14. Responsible use is what’s best for you, some can smoke all day and be fine with that. Others need a puff here and there. Some need it at night. It’s kinda personal preference. Smoking is such a personal thing, I think only You can decide what is too much and what isn’t.

  15. This comment spoke to me, I’ve been smoking a lot lately, like everyday multiple times (which is new for me). Ive been judging myself causing stress over something that’s supposed to relax me. If ur tolerance gets fucked smoking too much, wind it back down, deal with that in the moment, not now.

  16. Only .5 gram carts with the magnet, the 1 gram carts won’t close.

  17. I bought one of these and it was just delivered today. Haven't had the chance to use it yet as I'm still working, but it's waiting for me at home. 😀

  18. I had an ooze slim twist, the charger was the thing that crapped out on me pretty fast. I have been using an ooze tanker for 4 months and it’s never failed me, currently have a Uni pro in the mail though. The main reason I used ooze was because I’m not 21 and my state requires you to be 21 to purchase “tobacco” products online.

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