How do skaters no get dizzy?

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A video from yesterday anti-Hijab protests in Iran showing Hadis Najafi (21) getting ready to stand to the security guards. Today Hadis was announced death by her family after being shot 6 bullets in her chest. Remember her name #HadisNajafi

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  1. If your cut off is 8 miles at ANY age, you are not even 1/4 seriously looking to date. So if she can't jog to your house, no interest?

  2. I don't get why this one's so good. Why is it a "so-called" stage

  3. It was a drag if you knew the reference was to the song on cierras album

  4. Cierra had a song called "Cierra to the stage" (I loved that song 😭

  5. I just recently got on a serious sriracha kick. Don’t know why it took 38 years to try out but right now it’s my favorite

  6. There's a Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce ketchup. We haven't had regular ketchup again.

  7. Yes, makes absolutely no sense. I have 6 bi-racial cousins across different aunts and uncles who all have either big loose curls, or wavy or straight hair. If any of them then went on to have children with a white person, those children’s hair would be pretty loose and straight. It’s like the people in charge have never been around bi- and multi-racial people before.

  8. Bob Marley enters chat Sighs and leaves. Edit: BI RACIAL Bob Marley enters chat, gets downvoted, tosses his loose curls and leaves.

  9. Spanish arnt white, Northern Europeans are Caucasian, have you ever been to Spain?

  10. Grabs popcorn before continuing. This is about to get good. Don't you tell Spanish people they're not white. Oh my 🍿👀😯

  11. I used to think that, but I saw that Reddit video not long ago of a black belt guy with no arms or legs. That’s when I learned, those belt colors are given to the person that pay the year.

  12. I was in a crowded restroom recently after a musical. I was washing my hands and looked over, there was a woman washing her hands next to me. I thought… oh, am I in the wrong place? Turns out she had to pee and men’s restroom lines were shorter.

  13. Me on several occasions! When I have to pee I have to pee and I will use the men's stall in a heartbeat if the women's restroom is occupied. No one is ever in the men's restroom! I view it as, I can piss on y'all's floor or run in the men's restroom, but I'm pissing.🤷

  14. I'm just mad because I can't find the video without spam pop-ups anywhere😭

  15. She knows it’s him though. OP did state that she texted him when they were together. You don’t just casually miss texts from people you’re eager to hear from.

  16. I miss texts all the time from people I'm eager to hear from. Just send a second text, what's the big deal?

  17. especially for people who didn’t read the books. they just saw a few minor interactions between Rhaenyra + Harwin, went through a 10 year time jump and then Harwin is suddenly baby daddy with no build up.

  18. My partner was so confused; I paused the show and gave the spoiler; he wouldn't stop asking questions, didn't understand why the kids weren't biracial, had no idea who Harwin was- It was hard to follow.

  19. Lmao what? They spelled it out like 6 times throughout this episode that the kids aren't from Laenor. Did your partner just spend this entire episode on the phone or something?

  20. Prior to it being spelled out, in the first 15 minutes or so of the episode is when he was confused.

  21. I have found that for a lot of women, if you make them climax clitorally then immediately go into sex it can sort of extend their climax for quite a while

  22. If you’re going out for a big night, and there’s a possibility of being too tired at the end? Fuck first!!!

  23. I've been married twice and both nights we passed out before consumating the marriage.😂😂 The first time, I woke up in my bridal lingerie confused as to how I was still dressed. I needed this advice many moons ago!!

  24. I’ve always seen comics impersonate Rick James, but I’ve never actually seen Rick James himself. I don’t know how to say this, but Rick James looks like a person impersonating him. He looks like a copy of himself.

  25. Rick James was absolutely hilarious until his dying day. You should see him in court in his "older" days.

  26. Me either, they look nothing alike and it’s so jarring. I get it’s been ten years but did her nose get broken? Like the facial feature other then the eyes are completely different.

  27. I think the new Alicent looks better and the new Rhaneyra looks worse. Can't win them all; at least the acting is great!

  28. Olivia Cooke as Alicent was the fucking star of the episode, every time she entered a scene she was carrying. I have so many emotions for a character i've only seen one epsiode of, it's wild. She might end up being a more hated female character than Cersei at this rate lmao.

  29. In her defense, getting around blocking someone is as easy as calling them from your work phone. I agree if someone blocks you, f-them, but to call someone insane or as the above commenter said "restraining order" is a bit much in my opinion.

  30. It doesn't matter how easy it is; this is not something that a reasonable adult does. A reasonable adult is really unlikely to get blocked, and if they do, they think "Damn, this person just saved me from a whole lot of drama." counter-block and then move on.

  31. You are absolutely correct, call the mental hospital and obtain a restraining order.

  32. i wish my parents got me into things as a kid 😫 now i’m 20 with like no hobbies, and wanna get into ice skating so bad but it feels odd starting out as an adult

  33. Can you rollerblade/inline skate? If so, beginning ice skating will be easy.

  34. This guy dedicated his life to his passion. People in comments don't seem to realize that he would do the same again if he could. If you wanna be not only the best but be remembered, you gotta pay a high price, which he did. Huge respect to this guy.

  35. Half the people in these comments are in the condition he is in Now, and they didn't get that way from weight lifting. Imagine hating on a living legend but couldn't run a mile life depending. Ah well, that's reddit.

  36. I mean if I spent the night at a guy's place after drinking I would be soooo pissed if I had to get up early and was kicked out. It's a dick move for sure. Why even go drinking and hook up before work? I don't get it.

  37. To be fair, this could be a young person. This could be an opportunity to educate instead of insult.

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