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  1. What if we park in the exact same spot everyday? Who's gonna monitor that we actually didn't just park there for 10 days?

  2. Chalk line disappears when you drive it. So yeah.

  3. An easy to use experience for non BBS-savvy users. Having made the documentary 'Back to the BBS', connecting to tons of BBSes during my research process, I thought that a lot of BBSes really weren't suitable (from an ease of use perspective) to people that have never used them or have been away from them for 20+ years (like me). I would like to think that if a 'newbie' or returning BBS user came to my BBS, they would be able to understand how to use it with little to no guidance.

  4. BBS terminal software is the problem. What the hell do you use to connect on all major platforms is a stumbling block, I've found.

  5. Guy's a loose cannon abusing the citizens. Boo officer Cassidy!

  6. Area is sketch, as I'm sure you're well aware.

  7. This makes a lot of sense, strategically. The Conservatives have been trying for the last few elections to convince Canada that they are not interested in reopening this debate.

  8. Sitting MP Candice Bergen who is currently the leader of the party is pro-life and vocal about it.

  9. According to Vote Pro Life dot ca it is though? Where I got this quote and information from?

  10. Why would they spend the money to color it?

  11. Prefer this tbh. If there's someone who is going to be profiting I would prefer that money be driven back into government programs that benefit everyone.

  12. I can count on two hands the amount of businesses added. The amount of actual public use is crap.

  13. Vibrant walkable areas exist in climates colder than ours.

  14. I'm not in dire straights. My house value nearly doubled in 4 years, and we don't actually like the house that much. Just took more than we bargained for to get this stupid house ready for sale.

  15. Klein is weird. He is backwards on half the issues and forwards thinking on the other half.

  16. More to hate about this is the terrible lot coverage. With >50% of this project aslphalt, we have 6 trees and a strip mall.

  17. MHRC awarding themselves their own grant for building their own building

  18. Sorry, did I read right? The rent includes "high-speed" internet connectivity?

  19. Yup, you read that correctly. That number actually is not a benefit to residents at all, I think.

  20. My last landlord (Armour) is the reason I have a call recording app running on every call now.

  21. It's not people, it's the moderation team of this subreddit and the remaining 80% of conservative / trolls / Trumpers who still inhabit Reddit despite the banning of their dangerous subreddits.

  22. By the time we see these vaccines approved we should be pushing to get the big 3 into the arms of as many people as we can

  23. The reality is that we won't have 100% vaccine availability one year from now.

  24. The exact wording that the federal government has been using is that by September anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one.

  25. I’ve stayed at a dozen provincial campgrounds. What are your requirements? How far are you willing to travel? Will you travel gravel rds? Are you tenting or camper? Need access to showers, running water, electricity or wifi? Want a beach? Hiking trails? Share more details about your ideal camping experience and I can recommend campsites.

  26. What's the best campground for those who want a hot shower

  27. You are in for a real shock when you find out it's half day kindergarten.

  28. A few hours ago someone told me and I'm still in shock. So what do parents do? People who both are working?

  29. most people get supplemental daycare when they move here for kindergarten. The daycare is here work with the school and bus them to and from the school, most don't do that.

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