1. Get Battlefield 1 for 5 player squads, still a populated and fun game, BFV only has 4 player squads

  2. I think Straw is the only other commitment beyond this year, depending upon how you view Josh Bell

  3. No way he wasn't fried as shit eating that pizza, I'm a big man and still struggle to eat a whole pizza in one night off the strongest edibles I can get

  4. You know the character of a guy when absolutely no one has ever shared anything but a great, positive story about them

  5. If a request was put out for every area marching band to send a bass drummer, I don't think a single one would fail to answer the call. Just imagine them circling the entire stadium, down the halls and on the field.

  6. Based on Google Maps, the box they're on are about 38 feet across if you can do the math for the rest of the dimensions

  7. Bring back cheap non-light beer. Remember when they had the “your dad’s beer” stand, and you could get a regular Budweiser?

  8. Bauer was never an issue. Fans just don't like him because he has conservative views. Breaking news.....most baseball players are probably conservative

  9. Thank you guys for the work you’ve done, especially navigating the name change and surrounding toxicity from people who care more about anger than baseball.

  10. For those of you on desktop who can't read the text:

  11. How the hell do you sprint and crouch?

  12. I have my ring finger on W and use it for S as well, pinky on A, middle finger on D, I use my pointer finger for T, G, and C (I have C set as my keybind for Change stance/slide, crouch and prone behavior set to toggle), and I hit shift to sprint with my pinky finger really quick, my sprint is set to toggle.

  13. That sounds absolutely ridiculous to me and so unoptimal but if it works for you then by all means 😁

  14. It's comfortable as hell for me, I have big hands so that could be a factor I suppose lmao

  15. I'm good with as few national broadcast games as possible, they are all absolute dogshit

  16. My work from home era didn't do me any favors lmaoooo

  17. I'm going to be working on dropping STL files for my fellow Guards fans that 3D Print.

  18. My friend and I had 12 and 13 caps each and still lost the other night 😂😂

  19. nothing stopping you for starting you own thread my man lmao, i’ll happily take part :)

  20. Nah I did it this season, I'm glad someone else is doing it for next season 😂

  21. At least we're not maidenless on the horny subreddits

  22. I hope you're enjoying Aaron Judge's last game as a Yankee 😊😊

  23. Cleveland won more playoff games than the 3 AL East teams combined.

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