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Mental Health Care thru Doctors on Demand

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  1. Not child porn; an indecent act. Different things. The argument is based on the wonky specification writing of the prosecution. You can’t just charge anything; you have to be put on notice that things are against the law. That’s why everybody gets article 137 briefings at some point in their career.

  2. He never left active duty. He’s on what’s called appellate leave. Punitive discharges don’t come into effect until all the appellate reviews are done. Once all the appellate reviews are done, and final action is taken by the judge advocate general, then the punitive discharge is an effect.

  3. I dont care to read any of those links, but im impressed as to the speed in which you acquired them.

  4. 5J all the way! Crosstrained during the Fiscus thing and worked strat communication during the Murphy thing.

  5. Wow, those are the most popular threads? Not exactly plumbing depths of technique, are we!

  6. po5i says:

    This remind me when a friend trained in another dojo. He used to do gedan no kamae for fun while doing keiko. A senpai from that dojo told him: do this again and I’ll make sure you won’t do it anymore. lol

  7. You mentioned your friend did it for fun. Is there any other practical reason to hold gedan no kamae?

  8. I have seen a lot of great advice on here. These are your brothers and they are looking after you.

  9. I was in Afghanistan and rural China and understood that no omnipotent and benevolent power would allow people to suffer like that.

  10. Very good! This is a great kendo successful story. To echo others, if sensei says you are ready, you are. Good luck!

  11. I’ll echo the other two here. Give yourself some grace. It’s hard. Really hard. The basics are the hardest. If you aren’t already, practice at home the basics. The more reps you get the quicker you’ll progress.

  12. OP, this isn’t about just the jungle gym. He’s just comparing two things that are for exploring, for climbing on, and for having fun. He’s hurt because he sees his mom is more interested in anticipating and investing in those emotional needs for a pet than her own son or his children.

  13. I’ll take them! Our dojo has a couple of women who could use it!

  14. Oh nice! Which dojo are you with, just out of curiosity? I'll give this post another day or so before making a decision, but so far, you are the only local available to come for pickup!

  15. I’m actually with Central Coast Kendo down in Santa Barbara County. We’re part of Butokuden out of Irvine. My mom lives in South San Jose and I’d have her pick it up for me.

  16. I wish I could upvote this more. They also (in tricare west) cover a program call Telemynd

  17. Doctors on Demand. I waited one week. Tricare is covering it right now. And I got my script renewed on base.

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