1. Cohen is sitting somewhere with a check book open ready to buy a new weapon

  2. I have a fubo subscription and it has been fantastic for watching sports. Highly recommend.

  3. Something with the logo on it should be fine. It’s a recognizable logo and says New York on it.

  4. I’ve been to quite a few countries in Europe and Italy was by far the best from a gluten free perspective. Tons of restaurants have gluten free options. And the main alcohol of choice is wine, which is usually gluten free!

  5. I used to get hives all over my body from celiac disease. Your body might not have fully healed yet and your immune system is still recovering. It’s also possible that you are extremely sensitive to cross contamination when eating out. I’d give it a bit more time and tell your GI.

  6. Way early on when I was diagnosed years ago. There was something comforting about it lol. But I haven’t had any celiac related problems the last few years luckily.

  7. I’ve been on a few cruise ships. It’s a cruise ship’s job to be accommodating. They’re in the hospitality business, after all. I’ll usually just tell the waiter at whatever restaurant I’m eating at and they’ll present options for me. I usually end up with like a steak with fries and vegetables for dinner. Sometimes grilled chicken, etc. If I want alcohol I’ll get wine or ciders.

  8. I’ll usually just suggest somewhere that has options for me and my friends are usually pretty understanding/ don’t really care where we eat.

  9. I haven’t had another since my diagnosis almost 12 years ago.

  10. If Rydahl doesn’t make this team then idk what they’re watching

  11. I'd have the same reaction if someone got me tickets to a game. Hope y'all have a great time tonight.

  12. Lol if someone bought be rangers tickets I think they’d be my friend forever.

  13. Animals by Pink Floyd is my favorite album of all time

  14. I’d start by talking with a nutritionist to get your eating sorted out. I know it’s hard to stay positive, but just know there’s tons of amazing food options that are gluten free! And of course many of them naturally gluten free like rice-based dishes. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us here!

  15. This annoys me, I hate that my disability is a joke to people.

  16. Just out of curiosity, why do you consider having celiac disease a disability? Not trying to poke at you or anything like that, but more just trying to understand. I have celiac as well (given the sub) and I’ve never considered myself as someone who has a disability. I just avoid gluten and live my life like anyone else.

  17. The definition of a disability is "a physical or mental condition that limits a persons movements, senses, or activities." Celiac prevents you from eating gluten. So yes it is a disability under the definition

  18. If someone follows a gluten free diet and has no prolonged symptoms, would you still consider them a disabled person?

  19. I never get sick from soy sauce, but seems like there are tons of others with celiac that do. I read somewhere that the gluten concentration is not significant enough to cause harm, but do not take this advice and go wild, I'm just a random person on the internet. It could just be that different people's bodies are more sensitive to trace amounts than others. IDK, I'm no scientist.

  20. I don't understand how that could be possible because soy sauce is literally made from wheat.

  21. It’s made from soybeans. According to some quick google searches I just did, most brands have 5 around ppm of gluten, which gets broken down during the fermentation process into amino acids and polypeptides. So even if gluten is in the mix, it gets broken down.

  22. Harmonica and the Blues. Really fun and interesting class and is a GPA booster as long as you show up to class.

  23. Tempranillo gets way more credit than it deserves. So does Pinot Noir.

  24. I can agree with Tempranillo. It often gives off this flavor that kind of reminds me of vomit. Might be just me but I can’t get past it (and makes the variety extremely recognizable). Pinot Noir however is an amazing variety in my opinion, but really only when you spend a little more. With Pinot Noir it’s all about subtly and representing the terroir. But you only get that with the pricier ones.

  25. Please contact MAMCO (Moms and Mutts Colorado) they have a connect in Houston. I don’t know the name of the organization down there, but I know MAMCO is transporting pups from Houston to Denver all the time, as that is where my baby came from! Bless these sweet souls.

  26. It'll be on MSG Go, FuboTV and ESPN+ if you are looking to stream it legally.

  27. That brisket looks incredible. All you need is some kasha and bow tie pasta!

  28. Love seeing Croatian wines getting some love. Most underrated wine region in my opinion.

  29. Word! Was hooked after a dingač by miličić. Now I’m in love with zlatan otok. I mean, plavac mali is such a versatile grape!

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