1. It’s amazing to me that the rangers periodically can’t help themselves when it comes to making stories when they really don’t need to. Did they expect everyone to just ignore it? They probably figure it’ll just get forgotten in a couple days.

  2. I mean personally I could not care less. I don’t watch hockey to support communities or get triggered about shit. I watch it for the entertainment value that is created to provide. That said, if they said they were gonna do a thing, they should have done said thing

  3. I think how you feel is how most people feel about this, including myself. I just want to watch hockey to a couple nights a week because I love hockey, and it helps with getting away from hardships in life. People seem to forget that a ton was done that night to be supportive such as having the building glowing rainbow, LGBT anthem singer and puck drop, and flags flying. I'd just appreciate more transparency from the team, especially when people spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and they did not receive what they were promised. I'm sure there were a considerable amount of people in the LGBT community that went to the game, and wanted to bid on warmup jerseys.

  4. Yes. Judaism is just as much ethnic as it is religious.

  5. I had brazi bites (not pizza ones) for the first time a week ago and omg, where have these been all my life? I interrogated the friend who served them to me because I was so sure they weren’t actually gf.

  6. Yea they are so good. What I found out recently is most Brazilian cheese bread is completely gluten free. So if you go to a Brazilian steak house like Fogo de chao then the bread is gf!

  7. Operative word in your post is most. There are Brazilian cheese breads that do contain gluten. Always ask!

  8. Well yea, that goes without saying. Just wanted to spread the word that this is an option available for people.

  9. Have you thought about vineyards and wine? There’s a lot of work going on now using computers and remote sensing to look at vineyards. And you already have the soil experience as well. Spain produces tons of quality wines.

  10. A couple bounces really didn’t go our way tonight. It happens, take the point and move on. But man, our top forwards really need to start producing. Panarin looks lost.

  11. I much prefer independent shops. The people that work there are often much more familiar with the product, and make honest suggestions.

  12. My concern here would be if whatever synthetic material it’s made out of can leech or something at high temperatures

  13. Right by the global village sign last year some girl stopped me and asked if I had Jesus in my life or something like that. I told her I was Jewish and she said I’m going to hell but it’s not too late to be saved. Fun times.

  14. In Gosnell all the computer labs have staplers (unless they have taken them out since 2 semesters ago)

  15. I love how this is a staple of every American Jewish kid’s childhood

  16. Yup! Check out the RIT Writing Center. You can schedule one-on-one appointments.

  17. This pawprint petition reads like a /s Reddit comment.

  18. STSO 421 with Howard is super easy. The entire class consists of one independent essay, and a group case study. If you are between the two then definitely switch. I had to take both these classes for my major, but I had a different professor for STSO 220, which was remarkably better than what you are describing above.

  19. Really the only ones you need are eservices, SIS, and MyCourses. Anywhere else I end up is just through links from emails and stuff like that.

  20. If you download the campus groups app and look under the “groups” tab, you should be able to see every student run organization on campus. From there you simply subscribe to any club or group that looks interesting and you’ll see any alerts sent out by the eboard such as meeting times and events.

  21. Will it seem weird if I suddenly start showing up in the middle of the year?

  22. No, it’s not weird. In fact it’s encouraged to. I’m on the eboard of a club, and we love welcoming new members. Most of the people here are super nice and welcoming, don’t feel bad about joining a club late.

  23. Near zero shot these were the actual votes. And I’m a rangers fan.

  24. I don’t think that it’s that he doesn’t understand it. I think he’s just one of these guys that doesn’t have patience for the onslaught of questions so he just gives straight faced, bogus answers so he can get out of there.

  25. Beating Swayman is not gonna be an easy task tonight

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