1. In Excelsis Deo is one of the most profound episodes in the series.

  2. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about the Supreme Court having the right to have uninterrupted sleep. People should get boom boxes that blast that.

  3. So what they wrote is tough luck. Hmmm who knew that this would adversely affect them.

  4. This has so many levels of leopard face-eating that I can't wait to see where it goes.

  5. I’m no OP but I worked in a non-profit that helped formerly incarcerated people get back on their feet. Everything he said checks out. The whole “kill the pedo the moment he steps in” thing is something of an urban legend.

  6. Still works for me on android

  7. Is it better than VSF ? Cause I've never seen one in picture or in comparison

  8. The Noob has some great stuff going for it. The bracelet isn’t as nice as some others, but the dial is great. I prefer my BP sub, which is truly underrated.

  9. Well 300 shipped bp is solid yes I agree, for the price VS is not as worthy as bp, it's true, but the two are really really great

  10. ooh how does the quality compare against the original?

  11. There are a few east tells. The pearl and bezel are wrong, and the movement isn’t decorated, and it’s clearly not the proper Omega “double-barreled” movement. But for the money it’s pretty good.

  12. That’s not what movement means with watches, my dude. The movement is the name of the internal mechanism, visible in the last photo. This watch appears to have the 2813 movement, which is appropriate given the price. Solid movement that’s also in the U1 Sub and many others.

  13. Smurfs are the only one I can think of that was a comic first then a cartoon. Donald Duck Comics kinda counts if you think of them as a precursor to Duck Tales. The cinema shorts obviously came first.

  14. A former fiend of mine has a joke. What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeve?

  15. The physical performance when he is Clark vs. Superman is the weird key to the film. It’s understated, but out in front. Chris was under-appreciated.

  16. Ive seen the plastic water pump impellers slip on the driving shaft, so sometimes itll spin at engine speed, and other times itll slip and spin slower instead of engine speed for instance. If its a genuine pump im pretty sure they have plastic ones.

  17. Interesting. So perhaps when it cooled down it got back into place? Cuz it’s still running great.

  18. Yeah none of these shitters are ever waterproof. Tried to charge me $20 extra each for that, I don’t believe they actually do anything 😂

  19. This happened to me. My middle name is Michael but my dad was so nervous when I was born that he spelled it "Micheal", so I went my whole life with the middle name pronounced "Mik-hail" or "Michelle". My dad's name, btw, is also Michael.

  20. You’re right. I meant it doesn’t work in regard to being useful or even compatible with a rational human society.

  21. Zuckerberg knows that as long as he continues to help conservatives get elected they won’t try to regulate Facebook.

  22. You’re asking the wrong question, my dude. What you need to be asking is why does this bother you?

  23. I honestly don’t even know how she put the pacific on the right side of the map and yet pacific/Atlantic is underneath Mexico…

  24. Recently a friend of mine did not believe me that the 360 launched without HDMI. It's still hard to believe but things were very different in 2005.

  25. Yup. HDMI wasn’t a thing when the 360 was being designed. They hit the market right around the same time, so it wasn’t possible.

  26. There used to be a website that did this well. You could compare different pizza sizes and prices to calculate the best deals, such as is two Dominos mediums at $5.99 really better than one large at $7.99, etc.

  27. You can also use a calculator. Or pen and paper..

  28. Sure, but the site was good for having the different major chains pizzas pre-loaded. It was pretty convenient if you’re trying to feed a party.

  29. Jesse flips the bird pretty often tho

  30. We’ve got problems, but all the players seem to be good dudes, as far as I’ve seen. They’ve got the attitude right, now we just need to get some of our injured guys well.

  31. This is Reddit. They only read headlines and have little knowledge of most things, including unions which they keep thinking is roses and candy

  32. Aye. It should be someone in their 30s so that they can have a good long run at it.

  33. I would love to see that. He’s got the chops, the right age, and the looks.

  34. The Gally is what made the first year of Destiny the best year of gaming ever. They need to figure out how that worked.

  35. It was an accident. Totally unplanned. Nothing will ever beat that time in gaming for me. Loot cave, vault of glass, gally, Thorn, and Ice Breaker... Fucking multi tool with 28 rounds. Things were simpler then.

  36. Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver before Calgary.

  37. Vancouver because then there would be another team within a gorilla in miles of Seattle.

  38. I mean the NL Central had 6 teams from 1998 to 2012. But yes, 4 divisions of 8 teams or 8 divisions of 4 teams is a much better structure.

  39. They removed that requirement back in 2020. And even before then it was easy to get alcohol in the uae. Accordint to a arab muslim girl that i know that lives there, she used to get alcohol all the time. And if she can get it then ya bet westerners can get it 10x easier

  40. Oh that’s dope. Haven’t been since then but now I’m more likely to go back.

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