1. Anyone know which Dashboard Confessional song was played? I can’t find it but I want ittttt

  2. They didn’t play Dashboard. After talking about Dashboard, Blake played “Sweetness” by J.E.W.

  3. Hey did y’all know I Heart Radio Wango Tango 2022 was incredible?

  4. I always thought it was making fun of Glendale Community College in L.A.?

  5. Greendale is supposed to be based off Glendale Community College where Dan went to school. The first season was filmed at Los Angeles City College (boo City College). Why they decided to go with Colorado as the setting? I have no idea

  6. Poultryguiest is underrated idea. Adam was a little harsh to Blake this episode, I liked his 90s movie talk.

  7. Poultrygeist is an actual movie and it’s so awful, it’s good

  8. Just listened to episode 81 on Spotify and it’s pretty wonky. Repeats parts and ends abruptly

  9. I really wish that KUTX would do a better job of promoting local Austin musicians

  10. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that 12" sub sandwiches was a normal sandwich, or something like that..

  11. Ders dropped that hot track with him and Tommy Lee. “Look at those Volvos!”

  12. Can you ask your brother if I can get a bottle of instink? The tantalizing ad sold the product

  13. You get used to it when you see this reposted so often.

  14. Wish the mods on this sub would do something about this

  15. No need. Plenty of skillet queso and frosty margs for everyone.

  16. I was waiting for that hot, hot 45th and Lamar talk

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