1. I have charcoal toothpaste and I listen to The National

  2. Just be courteous of the people around you. Try not holding up the totem during the whole set and blocking other people’s views and you should be good

  3. Wish he had asked about the parody Street Magic videos on YouTube, but holy shit did David Blaine not disappoint. Top 10, maybe even top 5 episodes

  4. I skip the Halloween episode where Bob donates blood every time. I just can’t do that much blood, even if it’s cartoon

  5. Omg i love that theyre playing this song again. I saw them in 2017 at outside lands and the only reason they did tht song is bc little dragon was there 🥹 i just ab cried it's my favorite song

  6. It’s been at least 2 years. I tried to get a hubcap back in 2020 and they weren’t around

  7. I remember seeing somewhere Waterloo was trying to do it, but nothing was set in stone yet. Unfortunately, I think Paramore would be too big of a name to do the tent

  8. Viva Day Spa has a 5 hour treatment that’s real nice. Mani/pedi, facial,massage, and lunch

  9. I’m gonna open up the motherfucking pit at the Barton Hills Choir set

  10. I get it. I was their age when *NSYNC was popular and danced along

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