The English Sweating Sickness caused five devastating epidemics between 1485 and 1551, with a mortality rate between 30%-50%. Just as quickly as it came, it left the continent, and still remains unidentified by epidemiologists today.

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  1. I saw earlier Inframark is hiring for several positions:

  2. I keep reading how deaths were way up in 2021, even many non-COVID deaths. I know several people in their late 30s and 40s that have had strokes this past year.

  3. In my area larger companies have been buying up at least 10% of the homes to rent out.

  4. As a NYer, something very odd about this whole situation with Omicron is I’ve noticed that breakthroughs are happening (very mild at most for vaccinated folks, less common for those who are boostered), BUT those who had gotten covid before and are vaccinated are seemingly safe. My dad just tested positive for covid and was around me and my mom in very close quarters for a few days. Both my mom and I got covid early on in the pandemic, and we were both negative in the end. My two family friends who hadn’t gotten covid before, both positive as well. Looking at South Africa too, it seems like those who got vaccinated and had covid before seem much more immune to Omicron, and nobody is acknowledging that. It’s not just my situation too. If you look at the NY Knicks’ covid outbreak in the NBA, those who’ve tested negative for covid on the team almost exclusively were those who got covid at some point during the season last year too (Derrick Rose, Evan Fournier, Alec Burks, and Nerlens Noel for sure). Very interesting to keep in mind.

  5. I’ve noticed that too. They had a big outbreak at my spouse’s work recently, and the only positives were the ones who had never had it before. All the staff are vaccinated.

  6. I actually (unfortunately) dated a guy who about 6 months prior had just found out his “sister” who was mentally unstable and wildly unable to take care of herself let alone another person was his birth mother and his parents were his grandparents, he only found out upon her suicide. I’m not saying this guy is now a killer. But if you told me he was I wouldn’t be surprised. He was in the midst of dealing with this trauma when we met and when we started dating, he went absolutely (I don’t want to say went crazy) off the rails. I’m telling you this guy was meek and sensitive and a little dorky and then like a light switch he started to hit me and threatened me with a gun, threw my phone (during the age of blackberrys, remember the track ball cursor in the center? Well it popped out and I couldn’t call police) I had no way of calling for help a neighbor heard us and cops were called the whole 9. I didn’t press charges but the state did (not mad about it though I was too stunned to even know what to do) and then he continued to harass me saying I ruined his life etc, ok enough about me lmao yea I can say it was probably the catalyst for his issues emerging anyway I’m assuming (early to mid 20s). I’m not saying it’s enough to make someone homicidal but I watched him teeter totter on the edge until I was able to make a clean break. Edited to say I can’t remember if it was the city or the state that perused his charges, I think it was the city though that seems to make more sense. It’s been awhile since it happened so I can’t be 100% clear on that detail

  7. I’m wondering if some of that could be due to his inheriting his mother’s mental instability.

  8. I wouldn’t think sellers at farmer’s market would be nearly as impacted by supply chain issues, since they usually are the ones farming their own products.

  9. I think I'm the only one who liked Genisys. Was a lot of fun to me seeing the timelines being mixed around and I was hoping to see who was doing it.

  10. Were you able to instantly understand audible language and recognize the words you were hearing? I’ve always wondered how someone would recognize what sounds formed what words if they were used to sign language, lip reading, etc.

  11. Because you’re not distributing the AZ or J&J vaccines. They’re just sitting in warehouses. AZ will expire soon.

  12. I had a new job that I lost during covid, there was a cute girl at that job I was flirting with, I was about to break up with my gf (who subsequently moved in with me so I could afford my rent unemployed....), my dog was alive (old age), my grandma hadn't died of covid yet, I wasn't a total overweight alcoholic. My life has gone to fuck :(

  13. So you didn’t like your girlfriend anymore, but used her to support you?

  14. Ugh. Yes. I got an epidural with both my kids. I was also in labor for 36 hrs and 27 hrs BEFORE getting those epidurals. And if it wasn't for the epidurals, I might still be in labor today. It allowed my mind to rest enough to be able to push. There is no shame in my game. If I have another kid, I'll be asking for all the drugs again. Why should I go through extra pain just to seem more hardcore?

  15. I’ve always thought the ones who were obnoxious about breastfeeding and natural birth have had no real accomplishments in life, so they hone in on this as some weird trophy of greatness, even though literally billions of women have done it.

  16. A nightmare I had once. I was in the nightmare so long I began to think this world was the dream and that was the reality. I am talking YEARS IN THIS PLACE. I was in a prison where feces was the only thing we ate, and I was regularly raped and tortured to near death. The things I saw and experienced there have forever traumatized me, and I still fear that this is in fact a dream I created to escape the horror of that place.

  17. You are in the real world. It’s not unusual for people to think they are stuck in a dream or dead and living in a false reality.

  18. Could also just be you need a different mattress.

  19. That’s what finally took away my nagging back pain. I couldn’t believe it was something as simple as that.

  20. I would agree with all but Genisys. That one paid proper homage to Judgment day while building off the storyline. Very well done.

  21. Yeah, my first thought was maybe something wealthy people tended to eat during that time period.

  22. NTA for living where you want, but without further info, it looks like your dad also up and left you and went to another country, leaving you with only your mom.

  23. whats interesting is that among the vaccine hesitant, aka the people who are like "ill wait and see first", j & j seems to be the favored vaccine over pfizer or moderna, tho both options are favored to a lesser degree too

  24. Yes, what I am seeing as well. Lots of people around here seem to be trying to find the J&J shot, saying that’s the only one they will get.

  25. Agree - I found 3 different places with just a brief search for my husband - all towards the suburbs (vs within Dallas). And Texas is open to all ages too. Interestingly, my kid in college can't find any openings within 50 miles of Austin - blue vs red areas seem to have different levels of hesitancy.

  26. I’m thinking there will be a slight uptick in shots in some areas when more J&J is available, and when it’s easier to know how to find that one specifically. I’m in a Houston area suburb, and for some reason, a lot of people around here seem dead set on only getting that one.

  27. I've seen the opposite-a lot of people want J&J because it uses a known technology and it's a one and done deal. I wanted Pfizer after the news about the variants (and that's what most of my family has gotten), but that's the most plentiful where I am so it works out.

  28. Same. Seems many people around here are saying they’ll only get J&J.

  29. J&J is polarizing. There are some people for whom the one and done nature of it plus it’s “old school” technology makes it more palatable. Most folks probably prefer Moderna or Pfizer as you say though. I do think J&J will play a big role in getting us over the line with the vaccine hesitant.

  30. There seem to be a lot of people in my area holding out for J&J. That’s the only one they’ll consider getting, for some reason. I’m seeing a lot of posts all over Next Door and other local social media pages of people looking to see where they can get that one. It seems to be more popular choice around here.

  31. I'd be curious to hear if this is the case around winter temperatures, too. I'm from the midwest and I (and many people I talk to) remember more snowstorms growing up, and also feel like winter has shifted back a month or two--like we used to get colder, snowier weather in November/December but March wasn't quite so miserable vs weather trends now. I'm curious how much of that is climate change vs the perception of kids.

  32. You are not the only one. The seasons have seemed a month or so off the last several years.

  33. I’m actually one who remembers it always being Berenstain.

  34. Eye contact if you're being scolded.

  35. I have felt this way. Not sure how I can approach when he already thinks I’m entitled

  36. He is calling you entitled to put you on the defensive to deflect from his own entitled behavior. He is being manipulative.

  37. Transfer your money back out to an account in your name. He can still go to the bank and withdraw money from there if a joint account

  38. A physical therapist would be a good option for him to see.

  39. NTA. I would have said N A H but it’s clear he was planning on using you for finances, for childcare and emotional support. None of those things are wrong in a partnership but it’s definitely not what you entered into the relationship for. And it’s pulled you into very different circumstances. Best of luck.

  40. This was the same dude that was mad she bought her parents a car with her own money, to repay them for a car they had sold for her. Seems she has frequent trouble with him/his family, if you look at OP’s prior AITA posts.

  41. It's actually worse than that. Even with vaccines that are 90% effective, it means that a vaccinated 70 year old is still a lot more likely to die of covid than an unvaccinated 30 year old.

  42. My understanding is the studies showed that the vaccinated individuals who still got COVID didn’t get severe cases.

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