(OC)I've always hidden my(18M) face from everyone because I always thought I was ugly and I was too scared. I've finally decided to move on and face my fears and that starts by putting my face out there on the internet. sorry if this is the wrong sub, it'll be burned in new anyways

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. I don't know how this broad has any fans. She seems to have absolutely no redeemable qualities.

  2. I’m an obnoxious feminist BUT I’m still dying for a book from one of these women about how they land these men. I’m having a hard time phrasing it without sounding like a gold digging hypocrite but come on! Where you at Marlo?! Kim…

  3. I have the same book on my nightstand right now and knowing the attention to detail on this show I had to do a double take when I saw the book in multiple scenes

  4. I was in Reddit for another purpose but this morning I WAS dealing with this exact same issue except more cystic-y and a little closer to my lip. Fun stuff. I messed with mine and now it’s angry and 10x worse. You’d think I’d have learned by now :-/ But if I had to do it all over again-

  5. Costco had the led light and microdermabrasion machines like 30% off right now; admittedly I blindly trust Costco and haven’t had any issues so far. That’s to say I don’t think trophy skin is a scam

  6. Ulta has a dupe, it’s Brazilian sunset I think, smells very similar. I just picked up a two pack tub of what looked like a dupe at Costco the other day, haven’t tried it yet

  7. I looked at your profile and saw the convo…wow, super unprofessional of her. If she doesn’t want to work for free, she shouldn’t give away services as a prize. A tip is always at your discretion. The way she’s talking to you is kind of crazy. I don’t think you’re in the wrong but unfortunately with the tone and tack she’s taking it’s kind of a no-win situation. Did you send her any kind of a response?

  8. My family owns a printing company so I grew up getting gift certificates for Christmas that were clearly the products of bartering for printing. One little sentence could have prevented all this… “15-20% customary gratuity not covered by voucher” if it really meant that much to you. Otherwise people are dumb, or they don’t tip on principle or whatever reason you at least have that to fall back on so they look tacky not you.

  9. Yeahhhhh that scared me as well but I was going through some shit when I bought it and said fuck it. Figured the worst that would happen is I get some scars on the test area.

  10. Im living for this thread. 😂 googles FDA approval hair removal. I’m such a dork about all that tech beauty stuff.

  11. I did 300mg a day almost every day from jan-august. More days this year where I stayed up 4-5 nights than nights I went to sleep. I stayed up 15 days once. I probably passed out but I don’t remember. I shouldn’t be alive. But I am. Please don’t let yourself ever get to where i was. I hurt a lot of people and lost everything.

  12. 15 days, that’s wild. I was flipping through the book Blitzed today while considering re-reading it - (highly recommend) one of the pictures showed German soldiers passed out after being on Pervitan (meth) for 15 days during the blitz into France, they looked dead, arms and legs dangling all over the Jeeps they were so wiped out. So the 15 days stood out to me.

  13. Oh it’s top tier Nazis, I wouldn’t shut up about it. I really like Timothy Snyder so Bloodlands is essential reading - it’s incredibly relevant right with with ukraine, most people never learn about the absolute horror show it was for the countries to the East, they put German Jews in camps; Stalin starved his people then nazis came through and raped and had their own countrymen commit pogroms bc Nazis wanted their land so they just wiped out the populations. Also The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich is great.

  14. Use a warm washcloth on your skin before you pluck; the pores open up and it’s a lot easier. Get good tweezerman tweezers and a magnifying mirror attachment too. Have them professionally done first then just maintain. Any woman who lived through the 90’s can attest to how eyebrows are a complete game changer for anyone’s face. I have a brother who I always try to help out with this stuff, he gives me a budget twice a year and I order him clothes from Nordstrom and madewell (great t shirts) girls notice shoes and grooming- take care of those two and you’ll be set. Skincare just get a gentle cleanser, differin gel, a decent moisturizer and spf (always spf!) you’ll thank yourself later in life

  15. Differin cream for acne is awesome. What’s a good lightweight non greasy moisturizer ?

  16. If you’re just starting with differin you’ll want something heavier, honestly I went down the rabbit hole I some of the skincare groups on here 3-4 years ago and it changed my life. I’ve spent so much on laser treatments and products over the years and realized I was using all the wrong stuff. I use Cetaphil for face wash and a Clarisonic at night and in the morning one with Salicylic acid. Idk if it applies to guys but double washing helps remove dirt and whatever then the second wash treat whatever issues you have from my understanding. I use cera-ve moisturizer in the pump in the winter and the tub that has a purple label in the winter. Chemical exfoliants are game changers too. Pixi has a great glycolic peel that you just wipe on your face with a cotton ball. The ordinary is a great option too. It’s all really complicated but once you figure out what type of skin you have and what issues you’ll be able to target them. I get cystic acne and melasma probably from a profractional side effect and use a lightening cream and tretinoin (retin-a), plus take an oral antibiotic (cystic acne has to be treated internally) and spiro which is off label and helps with the sun spots. Tretinoin is the fountain of youth. And spf. Start early and you’ll be light years ahead of any other dudes. No one should have to have bad skin, it’s just figuring out what is wrong and treating it accordingly. Oh! The new retinol lotion from cerave is legit. That’s a great way to start mild exfoliation. I can’t believe the difference drug store brands have done when I was spending hundreds on Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant etc and now you can buy the ordinary for $8 at Ulta lol, there’s more research but you can custom tailor what you need.

  17. the man literally had his hands held behind his back taking a full on slap & still recovered appropriately. how many of you could do the same?

  18. I think it was Colbert who was saying how disorienting getting hit in the face is and how remarkably well Chris rock handled that. I was jumped outside of a bar once (just got my hair pulled and was fine overall) but holy shit, I did not expect it and had NEVER been in a situation like that and it was utterly surreal. Will smith trained to play Muhammad Ali, I imagine that wasn’t “a love tap”

  19. My poodle I worked my ass off training / socializing is chill as hell and she just walked in the room like “wtf is that dog’s deal?” 😂

  20. I finished rewatching band of brothers last night, this is so dumb

  21. Like I totally get that he's probably experiencing shock to some degree but I still think that in this scenario I'd be instantly able to recognize the danger in backing up back onto the freeway and then standing right next to my wrecked car that I wrecked because I couldn't see what was in front of me while driving.

  22. I feel like there’s a ton of total morons that wouldn’t know the first thing to do in so many situations. It truly blows my mind; but then again the world needs ditch diggers as they say lol

  23. I feel like there’s a ton of total morons that wouldn’t know the first thing to do in so many situations. It truly blows my mind; but then again the world needs ditch diggers as they say lol

  24. A solid neutral color like a taupe would be stunning on the bridesmaids

  25. I came here looking for theories on the colors after watching season 1&2… while i absolutely love these kind of breakdowns, it has to be so stressful for showrunners knowing every single shot is going to be micro analyzed for potential significance! I feel like the creators of Yellowjackets realized this the hard way and didn’t have explanations for everything in the show.

  26. This is the way! Weaponizing my non-existent attention span to do things while doing other things has made cleaning up so much easier. I'll empty the dishwasher while I've got my coffee brewing or wipe down the counters while I have something going in the microwave; do this often enough and it becomes habit, you'll train yourself to look around and see what needs doing instead of walking away and sitting back down to wait.

  27. I’m so glad I found this sub, completely randomly and you’re the first post I read and this is exactly my issue right now and I’m trying so hard with ADHD and Anxiety. Anyways, I just started doing it but when I let my dog out I have to clean until she comes back to the door (usually 3-5min) and I’m trying “if it takes less than 30 second = do it!” It’s keeping clutter at bay so far, and I’m realizing right now it might be habit stacking from Atomic habits I think.

  28. Sell the wrapped ones. I can’t believe how much money I’ve earned just posting things I don’t wear anymore and if someone wants to pay me more than I paid for it… out the door it goes lol

  29. I’m also currently searching for the Kevin Murphy fragrance hoping there’s a hair perfume! So far I found this about their sprays… I’ll post more if/when I find it

  30. Yess deodorant sucks. Clinical antiperspirant with aluminum applied at night works the best!

  31. 100% drysol changed my life this summer and I wasn’t even excessively sweaty, I just didn’t want pit stains on my silk clothes in the summer 😂

  32. I wanted to wear silk shirts this summer so I asked my doctor for Drysol, it’s a little irritating at first but once you get used to it, you literally don’t sweat at all (where ever you applied it). It’s much more affordable than dozens of units of Botox to perspiration.

  33. A personal favorite of mine I’ve used for years, for any situation really, mostly when I’m on a road trip or something and we just need space - “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.” Luckily I don’t hang out with people who would use this unironically and I find it funny as hell

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