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  1. Thanks for the kind offer, op. I would love to request the digital steam giftcard. I'm planning to buy the rest of the Yakuza series, since it's one of my fave game and I only played Yakuza 2 in PS2 before, and only finished 0 in steam.

  2. Pagi komodos, mau nanya, ada yang tau tempat yang mau beli genteng bekas di daerah sekitar jakarta timur? Nyokap mau ngejual genteng bekasnya, tapi bingung gimana ngejualnya

  3. Thanks for the chance, op! My fave game is Mass Effect 2

  4. Mood and same tbh. High lv Dato is a bit scary tho, cause that mf fast

  5. as a fellow max-height roe, i agree. Also, I want gaia's platform heels so bad, I want my WoL TALLER!

  6. I love it when someone fall into the rabbithole that is treasure hunt. May RNG bless your map and give you tons of portals. Cheers

  7. gladiator, im new to MMO so i dont understand what "roles" means, and just picked it cause it got sword and shield, ya know. and then i picked mnk cause tanking is stressful

  8. i dont celebrate thanksgiving, but im curious with potato casserole

  9. congrats mate! I do need my waifu card, its so hard winning a tournament /cry

  10. Hey, thanks for the chance op. I would love Deathloop, cause I love Arkane Studio and really curious with the whole time travel story.

  11. komodos, ini gw lagi stress, tiba-tiba di HP gw ada aplikasi spinmaze, gw pake vivo, sempet googling katany itu malware, ini gimana cara ngapusnya. googling gak membantu, semua web yang gw buka cuma iklan doang

  12. belum nyoba, ntar rencana mau dibawa ke vivo aja deh. beneran jadi was-was

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