1. I still have flashbacks but not nearly as frequent as a year or even a month ago. I am in a safe and caring relationship, I’m a successful nurse, and grad student so I would say that’s pretty good for someone with CPTSD.

  2. I watched a few videos and it didn’t really resonate with me and how I experience CPTSD.

  3. I definitely do and I don’t care if it causes problem in my workplace because I know that it’s the right thing to do.

  4. Injuries related to abuse and/or neglect. However, if they called it what it really is then they would have to look at it in the face and deal with it and that makes people uncomfortable.

  5. I absolutely love this post! You should be VERY proud of your progress with your studies, maintaining employment, and especially your CPTSD recovery work. Anyone would find it challenging to do even one of these things yet you are doing it all!

  6. Thank you very much for being such a positive force, very grateful for your kindness and for keeping me on the path even though I'm surrounded by colleagues/an environment where CPTSD for work related issues is (presumably) not relevant or something that they think about. Its scary because I'm placed in this situation where I'm held up to the same standards as those who presumably don't have the same background, while I am literally being put into a situation (employment and work in general) that freaked me out the most. Its tough to be able to see your own path clearly in such an environment and its hard to reinforce yourself in such a situation. So on and off I will likely need the help of others to keep my head above the water. This subreddit has been very helpful.

  7. My former work environment sounds VERY similar to yours. I worked in a very unhealthy environment for 2 years, where I was often being triggered and since leaving, my health has improved considerably. In regards to employment and other things, I think it’s good to challenge ourselves because we are just as capable as people without CPTSD. We just need to make sure that we aren’t finding ourselves in unhealthy environments, and choosing to stay, because it’s familiar. Please take care of yourself and if your work place is not healthy, don’t stay.

  8. I agree, this sub has been great and is one of the very few safe places I feel like I can share. Thank you, anyone reading this, and especially

  9. I get this a lot from one person who is very sweet and means well, she likes to say very personal compliments to people in front of everyone. She always says I am "wise" and that she can tell I've "had a lot of experiences" and that I "just get it".

  10. Hmm…she, like many people, probably don’t know that a compliment is only a compliment if it’s perceived as such.

  11. I can relate to this too wtf! Lol. My mom pressured me to drink since around middle school, too. Jokes on her that all alcohol tastes super nasty to me. It's like my taste buds were trying to protect me.

  12. I wish my taste buds protected me…I pushed past the disgusting taste and then self-medicated with alcohol for years.

  13. Very wise, you are!! Grieving and mourning are crucial parts of healing. It's a human right you were denied. And now you are providing that which you need and deserve.

  14. I would love to read your book! Please make sure to let me know when it’s available, seriously.

  15. That's sweet of you. Well, if the title stays it will be, "Who Am I, But WHY Don't I Know!?!?" I don't know if I'm using my real name or an alias. It's about my life and living a lifetime in dissociation and such. What abuse does to a child's forming brain and the results over time. And ways I addressed each challenge and modalities I used to self heal.

  16. Great topic! Just a suggestion, you could come up with several titles and then take a poll of which one is best.

  17. I’ve long thought that anyone ASKING to be forgiven is actually asking us to let our guard down again. As in, it’s then asking us to make ourselves easier to abuse.

  18. Yassss! I have been saying this for a long time now, “there is no need for forgiving our abusers” to heal.

  19. I agree. My therapist told me once that my suicidal tendencies were actually a part of me that was trying to take care of myself the best way that I could. The pain was so great that I felt like I couldn't endure it any longer. So a part of me went into problem solving mode and found a solution that could indeed make the pain go away.

  20. Oh I literally was just reading a brochure on ketamine from my psychiatrist - do you think it has helped your ptsd and depression? Would you do it again if needed?

  21. It didn’t help me. I tried it for intense suicidal ideation and CPTSD and saw no change after four doses.

  22. I’m so sorry. I have heard some really good things but it’s cost a lot of money. I’m on the fence - have you found anything now to help?

  23. No, it did not help then or now but it was a good experience because the people running the clinic were lovely.

  24. So far I don’t find this podcast helpful, especially the part on forgiveness. Forgiving the abuser is not necessary to heal, forgiveness oneself is. Telling someone with CPTSD that they must forgive their abuser in order to heal is just creating an opportunity for the self-critic to blame themself for not making “enough” progress with healing because they haven’t forgiven yet.

  25. That’s definitely not a theme in the podcast. I honestly can’t recall that being said! I’m sorry you’re not finding it helpful. Hopefully at least one person will.

  26. It throws me into a flashback when I see someone being bullied and am powerless to stop it because I feel a responsibility to stop it.

  27. This hit a spot here. I am a constant oversharer and never understood why. This makes so much sense. Thank you for that.

  28. If you feel inclined to share that you live with a mental illness, don’t tell them until after you are permanent staff. Discrimination very much still exist. Besides it’s your protected health information and you aren’t required to disclose. Ask yourself if people with diabetes or heart problems etc. tell their employer there medical history upon applying for a job?

  29. I had a conversation with my brother about him “spanking” my nephew and told him that I disagree with it. I think “spanking” is just abuse disguised, it’s just a way for the parent to release their frustrations. Can you imagine what would happen if someone “spanked” an elderly person?! A alarm would be set off, police would be called, APS etc. and the adult would be taken out of the abusive environment immediately!

  30. Same. Just woke up after 8 hours of sleep and I’m already tired of fighting my brain...

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