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  1. Oh gah yea Camille’s dancing was so cringe like calm down girl

  2. So glad Vinny looking out garage window is in comments! Pk making fun of Erika about no no save the ankle! Any and all cringe moments like Aaron explaining what he does at dinner party..or teddy I thought u were going to be a little boring or anytime Erika interacted with Tom or Eden storming out at Lisa’s party last episode trying to get asked back for the next season “I gave u my heart!” Erika’s mascara or Dana Pam “did you know $25,000?”

  3. She says, "I'm a cop, I ain't gonna hurt you. I just want to lick your butthole." in a fake southern accent.

  4. What in the d-list, low budget, fake hillbilly accent is going on here??? 😳

  5. I think you’re over generalizing. I’m on Lexapro and it actually increased my sex drive, because you know what also kills sex drive? Being depressed. So maybe she really is fucking.

  6. Consider yourself lucky in that regards .. not the case for me unfortunately.. actually tmi it’s not that I don’t have the sex drive or desire .. it’s that it does something to keep u from shall we say getting where u trying to go

  7. It’s because they both want each other’s touch. And I don’t mean physically I mean metaphorically. Sure Sutton wants to be the sexy mysterious girl, which Erika has on tap. And Erika desires to be rich and classy, and she shows her mother fucking ass every time. It’s like a character she plays. And I’m just like c’mon bro you aren’t a prestigious Ivy League tri-delt alumni. You’re Erika Jayne, the alternative version of yourself that is so controlled that you had to make a caricature of yourself. Pathetic, unless you are making good money

  8. Idk I think Sutton despises everything about Erika and thinks she’s trash

  9. Don't force it. They find you. And it's never who you wanted. They'll be their own creature you had no idea about.

  10. It’s absolutely the worst! I would rather listen to nails on chalkboard. Hate hate hate her nasally old woman whatever it is voice .. no offense to older women. We have all heard that one older woman with that voice tho

  11. She probably shouldn’t have no, but unless you’ve lived with an alcoholic you really have no idea how taxing it is. Kyle was at the end of her rope and sick of being Kim’s punching bag.

  12. I mean yea I can see ur point but still she busted her sis out on a reality tv show. And then later says how their mom said keep family stuff hush hush Idk I just hate Kyle did it then and on tv and at the beginning wasn’t it? Like first season? I have a siblings that’s an alcoholic and I don’t live with him but don’t even like being around him sometimes bc it’s exhausting so I get it somewhat

  13. I grew up as an only child of an alcoholic father. So no I don’t judge her at all. The amount of burden Kyle would have held by her mum begging on her deathbed for Kyle to look after Kim.. nope. Kim used her addiction to manipulate everyone around her

  14. I hate u went thru that and had to endure that. I can’t say what I would have done being Kyle. I know that I can have a temper when I’m at my wits end and when I’m done and over it, I’m done and over it and everyone around me is gonna know I’m done and over it. Sooooooo yea I’m not judging either. What about that same scene where she’s like u stole my gd house .. I don’t think that’s what exactly happened what Kim claims happened

  15. I think Mauricio is checked out with Kyle, but not with his kids.

  16. Yea 20 plus years is long time! Prob helps he partakes as Kyle calls it often

  17. Oh for sure! Give me that mo for sho and then some mo, mo! I’ll see myself out

  18. Damn I hate that for u. I know feeling and mines on one wrist. It’s true it will be very painful and expensive. What if u just got one arm removed? And added or whatever to other one.. I think they look great but u could always remove one arm and add to the other Change it up or whatever to make it more u? Idk just trying to throw some ideas out there.

  19. I’m prepared for the downvote .. Kyle and LVP also Vicki and Shannon. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it

  20. I got a notification on my phone of this post. Read it first as “Erika is the best” and came here to fight

  21. I like it with corset. It is different, gives shape, and nice added additional piece to bring it all together

  22. So relatable 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  23. Weird, I would almost always assume they are conservative. In the US South you see a lot of women with dyed hair in all kinds of colors - blue being pretty common. Not to make sweeping generalizations, but they tend to be low income white Southern women so I’ll let you make your own judgements there.

  24. Never had blue. I am from the Deep South. Mississippi unfortunately. I have had deep purple few times and pink and gray.. and never used box dye. Live in a above average income household. We are not all the same down here. I can’t say that enough

  25. Probably not conservative

  26. Hey hey hey now.. I grew up in conservative household. Granted I hated it. Will not raise my kid that way. But even if we come from that life style doesn’t mean we end up that way. Few of us make it out and then we dye our hair and express ourselves lol 😝

  27. Cut to next scene when the book smacks that smug look off his face.

  28. The smugness is so gross! Diabolically so. Disgusting human. Lock him up and throw away the key! And Anna divorce him and run with the kids!

  29. Buddy, your story simply doesn't match. Here's a small list of paroxysms in your posts:

  30. Ooooffff this one got me! Can’t even imagine! Awful awful times

  31. My ex who took my virginity was like that. I got complaints from him for 2 weeks that I bled on his bedsheet...

  32. I’m sorry this happen to u! Fuck that dude! Makes me want to punch him and don’t even know dude!

  33. I wouldn't expect an apology for that. It's not a big deal.

  34. Idc what he has to say just shut him up. He’s so full of himself and absolutely annoying af

  35. My man… I feel u. I really felt ur post and understand ur frustration and I’m confused by the number of people that don’t. It’s not about using app or doordash… sometimes last minute (hence fast food) u just wanna run thru a drivethru without much thought. If ur driving trying to use app to preorder plus prob on phone with someone it’s just easier to whip in somewhere

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