1. Playing the victim while she does nothing of value for her constituents and the rest of the country. She’s nothing more than a grifting performance troll and attention whore.

  2. Your supposed cone ‘buddy’ reveling in your misery. Sad.

  3. There’s one thing that stands out about the MAGAt caucus other than their arrogant ignorance and bigotry. They are weirdos.

  4. The mental gymnastics necessary to believe Fascist in training bullshit! With all the right-wing gibberish about grooming that’s the sole purpose of this shitty group funded in part by the DeVosses and Uihleins. Unfortunately these greedy leeches on society are winning the class war.

  5. You’re asking for every single line of text to be voiced. That would be a massive and expensive undertaking. So- no, it’s not a thing that you can expect to happen. I’m sure you reading the captions for him will be helpful for his learning though.

  6. Yes. Always keep reading. My sons absorbed it by osmosis and were reading basic books at the age of 3. The timing isn’t important but the more you read the better for your child.

  7. One other possibility: you can’t spell and never learned proper grammar.

  8. In many an exchange between AOC and right-wingers I have yet to see a single one where she hasn’t destroyed the other person. They’ll never learn.

  9. Whenever I encounter this I leave the area and come back. When that doesn’t work I power off and restart and that does the trick.

  10. We sacked/hit brady a bunch. Eli also during those Super Bowl seasons was literally clutch af. So many 4th quarter come backs.

  11. In both SB wins against them they pressured him mercilessly. That was his Achilles heel. He always crumbled in games when a team was able to do that.

  12. Campers pay 500 for one goldfish. Sea cucumbers, too. Sturgeon 313 and all large fish varieties 188. That’s all I feed my campers. Across three saves I have cashed in over a million coins since the 6th of February of last year. That total also includes the nightly tent rental.

  13. yea but spaghetti easier to obtain (just call a lot of times) but then again you don't need to pay any money for goldfish, just do fishing at the highway tube

  14. I was just attempting to inform people the highest values campers pay. They can also collect mushrooms while moving around.

  15. It’s a special type of ignorance, an arrogant kind.

  16. The fashion duck is the gateway to most optional outfit customizations of your sasquatch.

  17. Shitty people, lying right-wing media and fascist politicians.

  18. I just which this criminal PoS would just STFU. He’s a dimwitted dullard with nothing to offer of value to anyone. Well, maybe his idol Vladdy.

  19. I’m supposing this is my recent comment that triggered some right-wing troll to report a concern for my mental health. Hahahaha!

  20. This buffoon has a solution. trump, the same clown who stared at a total eclipse, suggested nuking a hurricane and thought injecting bleach might be a cure for COVID. He has a secret plan.

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