1. first call the StrapOn guy and get a catalog, display the catalog nearby when you have your Matco guy show up.

  2. I know googling can be tough. So, here ya’ go:

  3. Those things can be had online for 10 bucks a pair. I recommend to those buying to get three or four pair, so they don’t get repeatedly charged for freight

  4. Alright thanks, I appreciate it. Pretty clueless about the process. I appreciate it

  5. Mine looks exactly like that in my 00 hatch. Black af and slimy.. I believe it’s old ass black Honda oil. Mine is oil mixed with the black over flow hose insides that have been eaten away over time making it very slimy and very black and almost feels rubbery due to the hose falling apart.

  6. I like 90 and straight, been doing this 20+ years and one thing I'll tell you is wrenches, sockets, ratches, and a couple good impacts (I generally go milfuckee) is prettymuch your best start. Tools don't make the mechanic homie, your ability to use them and common sense problem solving skills do. It's easy to get sucked into the "I need a 50k, 20 foot long box" crowd but most of the time that's just stoking the ego. You get what you need, specialty and oddball shit wise as you really need it. If you stick it out you'll have year to accumulate tools, don't burn your wallet up. This job is a meatgrinder if you let it be so just breathe deep and take your time, it'll be good practice for the bullshit that comes with big trucks. Not trying to tell you how to live, just life experience from an old guy lol.

  7. Why is it so low on the ground? I think suspension is broke

  8. Wont know until we are done, probably would take 2-3 hours, cast aluminum is painful as shit and It won’t be guaranteed to hold.

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