1. I’m currently studying to be a corrective exercise specialist.

  2. I have a whole Dropbox full of nudes that nobody will ever see. I will be old and wrinkly one day, and I want to remember what my body looked like when I was younger.

  3. I’m a Black man. I had sex with a White woman who was into race play (I didn’t know that was a thing at the time).

  4. No. But I HAVE been called “childish” once or twice in my life.

  5. Don’t have crazy high expectations. Most of us don’t look like supermodels (male or female), have a job where we make 6 figures, drive fancy cars, live in a nice mansion, or any of that other stuff social media likes to fool us into thinking we need in order to be worthwhile humans.

  6. When I was in my early twenties (I’m 35 now), I would’ve said “extremely likely”. But as I got older, my priorities changed. And I realized that if I wanted something to last long, it’s better to take my, and let things happen slowly.

  7. I wouldn’t call it a “super power”, nor would I say I do it better than “most”, but I always ask questions before, during, and after sex.

  8. I told my partner I was having a rough day at work, and she sent me a booty pic of herself after she got finished at the gym with the caption: “did this make it better?”

  9. Nope. I’ve made A LOT of stupid decisions in my life, thankfully that wasn’t one of them.

  10. The way I see it, every job fucks you at some point. I guess some people just decide to fuck back. 🤣

  11. My thoughts exactly. It’s a tough job. I couldn’t do it.

  12. Me and my female roommate never wear clothes around our apartment. We both literally get naked as soon as the door closes whenever we come home, regardless of the other being home or gone, we both hate having clothes on. It's such a powerful, freeing feeling being so comfortable in our own skin, and as a man and a woman being naked together around their shared house is such a natural, primal, amazing feeling.

  13. Assuming you two aren’t romantically/sexually involved: I think it’s pretty dope that you two are that comfortable with each other. That’s the way it should be 😊

  14. We do have a sexual relationship, we aren't in a romantic relationship, and not bf gf, but we are real good friends comfortable enough to be naked around each other all the time and have a casual FWB type thing at most. It's such a perfect situation

  15. I dated someone who was a suicide girl once, if that counts.

  16. What kind of kinky shit are you daydreaming of

  17. Do I have to stay awake for all 24 hours? Because technically, sleeping wouldn’t count as listening (unless you plug in some headphones).

  18. Not surprised by the abuse. Very surprised by the verdict.

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