1. Just take this advice from a friend, don't wrap yourself in too many layers of irony, otherwise you'll forget who you really are eventually.

  2. 1 month really ? I thought it was one week,man I need to refresh my memory fr

  3. Ayanokouji actually figured out the pattern for the events. Though he wasn't sure that water would be provided. It's been implied.

  4. No no im not talking about trolling, im talking about cote but in an idols school setting

  5. She's just bland now,her next phase of development is gonna start after the breakup most probably. So far only Horikita has been getting constant development in y2.

  6. Summary:A guy from Ryuen's class confessed to sato,she rejected him,Ayanokoji witnessed it and asked why ? She replied that she still likes him

  7. damn even after so long she couldn't let go of her feelings for him. I feel really sad for Sato ngl.

  8. It's about time Ryuuen gets a major win. Wouldn't want to see all that development go down in the gutter.

  9. Awesome work man, I'm still waiting for the next chapter. Are you planning to finish Volume 3 this year?

  10. Kushida was suspicious of him but chose to turn a blind eye to him because Ayanokouji made her feel like that he wasn't a threat at all.

  11. Ayanokouji really found good friends in there, did you all notice the fact that even if they are estranged they still refer to each other by their first names,even now. I thought they'd be calling each other by their family names now.

  12. Possible although highly unlikely because she had her development in Y2V5 where she moved on from the past.

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