1. Why does bohemia almost never appear as part of Germany? Weren't they basically completely germanized by 1962 anyway? I dont think even GO4 would exclude a germanized territory from being annexed..

  2. Iirc before BuM dissappeared they also had a spirit which implies the Germans faced serious issues with partisans and civil resistance in Czechia.

  3. Collaborationist England? Isn't hmmlr more wholesome?

  4. Idk Welson feels too much apart from reality... basically representes the content madness on the British Isles.

  5. As a omsk fan boy. Actually play them. They literally build massive tunnels, so they can save as many as possible, this includes getting them used to life underground. Many Russians will die but the beast will be slayed

  6. But its more about unifying Russia and thats not the final goal of the BL. They only see it as another step for the Great Trial which would erase the unify progress (unless Germany collapsed after the SS-wars).

  7. Maybe Zykov, collaborating with fascists and far-right groups in Samara (I mean he was literally apart of KONR) to try to get democracy in Russia as the end goal

  8. Hi. I wanna do a little survey about the community. Nothing special, just personal autism. Please do it and maybe share it with other Enlisted comrades. I will share the results at the beginning of June on the Enlisted Forum. Thank you and have fun.

  9. Do post a link to the results here when they come out. I don't frequent the forum but I'm curious to see the results!

  10. A socialist breakaway unifed it and Germany collapsed before they could Reclaim it (Goering for example)

  11. Huh I though the Reich could only collapse into anarchy after Heydrichs wins the SS war.

  12. I think that enough of his troops would have been shot down on their way there that they wouldn't have had enough firepower to destroy the bridge. But if they did, I don't think that would necessarily have messed up Sidious' plan. It would have changed the course of the war, but Sidious and Dooku could adapt. It's possible that that alteration could lead to Sidious losing, but he's pretty good at making things work out how he wants.

  13. I think Grevious was important for the attack on Coruscant (at least I remember it in the 2d cannon, old canon) as Sidious needed the Jedis as decentralized as possible for the attack and order 66. I also remember that in CW /canon Grievous was catpured by the Gungans and Palpatine insisted his importance for his plans.

  14. Burgundy, Russian warlords, Guangdong, German Civil War, and the African RKs. I mean those did come from the original Facepunch RP.

  15. Iirc they plan to change/ remove the Civil War and turn it into some kind of house of cards between the four players.

  16. I’m on the fence with that, since how will it affect the SAW? On the other hand, a civil war would permanently cripple Germany.

  17. Not only the SAW, but basically all riots in the Kommissariate and England and the effect the GCW has on the West Russian warlords and West Africa.

  18. Actually in the new canon there was a comic story where R2 and C3PO were trapped on a star destroyer. R2 trolled around and basically paralized the whole stormtrooper garrision and the officers there on his own (without shooting one single laser projectile) until Vader started to track them down (funny enough he wasnt aware that he was chasing the gay droid couple).

  19. I'm mixed here, with a slight favor for 3D (still the 2D CW should still be canon as well to make Grievous better). Two main points I find important.

  20. Reichskommissariat Madagaskar would be the least and Ostland the most profitable

  21. Not really. The main purpose of Ostland was to finish Generalplan Ost/ Germanize the Baltic states (and they failed here pretty hard). Sure there is also some ("stable") industry but not at the same level as Moskowien or even Kaukasien. Ressource-wise there isnt much to gain here as well, especially compared to Kaukasien or the colonies in Africa.

  22. Edit edit: Took a lot at the game Republic commando again.The clone commando there had a rank system but it wasnt standard to present the ranks via colours. The Delta squad made their own system (also iirc the game isnt canon anymore). If I got it right, the ranks and colours here were like that the armor of the "Boss" / commander was orange and had four circles while the others had two circles and red, green and yellow. So maybe the squad of Gregor developed their own system of ranks or... he just liked yellow . After all, the commando soldiers had more freedom compared to the normal clone units.

  23. My guess is that RFK got shot, Thurmond restored Jim Crow, Goldwater tried to bonk the unions, and a lot of proxies were lost.

  24. I get it until the proxies as the US "only" lost in the Middle East and the Philippines (depending how the civil war(s) progressed on the Philippines) by looking at the map. Maybe they screwed the SAW and Indonesia too much despite winning both of them (plus Madagascar and Malaya).

  25. Strafzumessung hat nix mit dem Schuldspruch zu tun, natürlich ist es Fahrerflucht.

  26. Wenn der Zettel wegen Wetter oder einer dritten Person unleserlich wird oder gar verschwindet, bringt er auch nichts. Und hier war es wahrscheinlich sogar die falsche Nummer. Danke dafür. Ohne Kontaktdaten kann man ja auch schlecht jemanden schuldsprechen.

  27. Ja exakt das hab ich geschrieben

  28. Na ja. Am Anfang schon, weshalb ich über den Rest verwundert bin, weil er ziemlich relativierend wirkt. Zumindest als Leser.

  29. Depends on which unifier they fought, how long the war was and how many resources and manpower were needed to win, if and how much they were able to push back the Russians, if the Russians were able to advance much before the tide of war changed in favor of Berlin (in case the Russians had the upper hand at the beginning) and lastly the losses on both sides.

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