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  1. Hit up Columbia. Most of what you’ll deal with is water splashing up onto your toes on the way to class, so they’re definitely suitable. I recommend Columbia because they also own Sorel, so you get a good set of options depending on your style

  2. I have $1 on Bravo to score a goal to pay $36. Actually liking my chances in the second half… Wonder if he will keep being a threat in the final third going forward

  3. Looking at your replies, you’ve already decided to do it, but that’s a LONG time in a vehicle. Even professional truck drivers are limited to 11 hours in a 14 hour work day in Oregon. That’s just dangerous, even if it saves you the cost of a hotel room

  4. Going to need to shuffle Dairon, Diego, and Yimmi around a bit in my opinion. I don’t love the reliance on Mabiala either, but I’m open to 3 back there

  5. Lifelong Oregonian golfer and I hadn’t actually heard of Widgi… Played Bandon finally this year, so it looks like I have a new addition to the list

  6. Bill went down like he got shot to avoid being offside on that Moreno goal, love it

  7. He got out of the way of the ball. He was kept onside by a downed Nashville player to the right of goal.

  8. I know, but I don’t think he knew in that moment, which is why he got down the way he did. Just made me laugh because it looked so odd

  9. Honestly, when actual big news is broken i usually see it from the national guys like Woj and Chris Haynes Jake Fischer etc... not the local guys. I will admit though i dont spend a lot of time on twitter where a lot of this takes place.

  10. Quick is on a leave of absence, per his twitter account.

  11. Godfather — Diego Carnicero — bravo Shinguard— Dario E Z E —- eryk

  12. It was Top Gun themed. The font and pattern matches Top Gun Maverick and the nicknames are callsigns, like if the player was a fighter pilot

  13. Exactly just a pointless penalty and a yellow card

  14. And kept their goal scorer onside by running to the end line for some reason. Apart from those 2 minutes though, good from Bravo

  15. I read in a book on coaching goalkeeping that you don’t want to play the goalies that make spectacular saves constantly because it means they’re out of position. The best goalies only have routine saves due to proper positioning. A spectacular save is a correction of a positioning mistake. Just like in real estate, goalkeeping is location, location, location. Ivacic is great at positioning

  16. Hooray I have that exact condo booked within the next 3 months for a wedding

  17. It was +10000 prior to the draft. Clearly Vegas has valued Jabari Walker as a difference maker already!

  18. I placed at +10000. If I recall correctly, it shifted as low as +6500 post Jerami Grant trade.

  19. Yeah I got my $1 bet in then too. I think I saw it at +5000, but I’m not sure. Definitely saw the +6500 post Jerami Grant

  20. Stoller is kind of a must-see winery. If the weather isn’t cooperating, Hyland Estates also does well mostly indoors

  21. Played a 2-man scramble while on the high school golf team. My partner and I were pretty nominally on the team (small school, both just learning golf), but we combined to shoot a 118 in a scramble… Needless to say, we did not win the tournament. While weather was a slight issue, the larger issue was both of us being very very bad at golf on that particular day

  22. Ngl with those odds I'd bet on the heat at +1000.

  23. I've always wanted to know, does randy mean the same thing in the US as it does here in the UK? Because it us in the UK it means horny and its extremely funny when Americans are named Randy. Also just a PSA fanny means vagina here not backside so please don't say things like "my card is in my fanny pack" over here unless you want to get a reaction out of us lol.

  24. I studied abroad with my Econ professor named Randy. He told us specifically while we were in the UK, we could only call him Professor LastName. We were NOT allowed to call him Randy

  25. Incorrect, but I’m sure “Bumgardner” would also exclude him from UK trips

  26. If KD goes to Miami, Duncan Robinson? He’s the right height and the Heat would definitely want off of him with Strus developing and KD in his position. Not exactly the stud we’d hope for, but he’s semi realistic

  27. “I can’t count past 8” is my go to for struggle holes on a casual day

  28. Great reminder! Have a deceased family member that wasn’t great with their finances. Tracked down a couple different claims for a few hundred dollars into the estate with just a few taps of the screen

  29. I really want Portland to target Jalen Smith or Hartenstein. A backup C that can rebound, rim defend, make an easy dunk and maybe hit an occasional 3.

  30. You probably have to give it to Santi for the 2 goals, but Yimmi deserves consideration for creating both chances (and a couple more) and Ivacic for keeping the win secure

  31. He’s better than many but I see him as a fan that moved up to where people listen to him. I view him more as a fan with a platform than an insider or media member. I wouldn’t trust breaking news directly from him alone, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders for takes

  32. I’m almost always between 109-111 to avoid dealing with GA but still being next to the Army. I usually like to stand the whole game, 109-111 or so pairs well with that. If I’m not feeling like standing, I find the best deal seats on the West side of the stadium

  33. Hasn’t he already made his money by the time it gets to a store like Marshalls? I understand the hate but I don’t consider it supporting him.

  34. Yes, but buying it from Marshall’s means Marshall’s may think it sells well and maybe reorders from him. Directly, your money goes to Marshall’s. Indirectly, it can go to Norman. Just a drop in the bucket though.

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