1. Originally removed this post since its the same reasoning as the post we had last week, but I'm re-approving it because the privated video is technically new info.

  2. Id slow down on the hype honestly. Pro football doc watched this and said he's still favoring his left ankle a ton and he wont be anywhere near himself this season. And Pro Football Doc is right like 99% of the time

  3. I remember this game because all the Knicks fans were saying Robinson owned him and that hes better than Zion

  4. It was previously rumored that the game would be out this July. This post is even in direct response to that

  5. I look forward to play it, since it's on Game Pass as well. It's certainly high on the list of games I will try to play through during the 3 months for $1.

  6. If you want to commit, its pretty easy to get Game Pass Ultimate for 1 year for $40 or max out 3 years for $120 through the Brazil/Upgrade trick

  7. I don’t think they ever planned to kill 1 of the 2 main girls (not adult women- the teens/girls) and a popular character

  8. I mean thats dumb. They shouldnt care about that at all. Each character is unique. If we want to think that way then they can only kill Mike or Dustin of the main kids because the other 2 are black and gay

  9. Mike honestly should be killed off. He lost his relevance after S1 so he is perfect to be fridged for Eleven, Will and Nancy.

  10. I'm like 90% sure theyre going to end the show with Eleven having to die to be able to kill One. So Idk if theyd kill Mike too. But I agree. Also thought Dustin and Eddie were dead for a while there

  11. I havent removed any comments on this thread myself so I cant speak for the reasons those were removed. We have a lot of users that have their comments automatically removed if they dont meet a karma limit or if the account is new as well. Other mods remove comments but I'm just letting ya'll know the reasoning behind the removed ones to the extent of my knowledge

  12. The users that posted those comments were not new accounts and they all had plenty of karma, so their comments weren't removed automatically, they were removed by mods.

  13. I assume The Sims 5 is on the way. That franchise is not anywhere close to stop (probably start to lack ideas for DLC too)

  14. With the way people still play the Sims and buy these expansions up I'd bet the Sims 5 is easily still at LEAST 3 years away

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