My son dressed up like Radhan and won a costume contest! My husband made his costume based off of the character armor set (slightly different from the boss armor).

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  1. Elden ring - Best narrative …. What an interesting question. You’ll have to ask the game awards folks cos the answer is not in the game 🤷‍♂️

  2. If a play tester said it was too hard, they shot them then gave whatever boss they were testing more health

  3. You/Your build is trash. Go study your opponent more.

  4. How do I unassign an ash of war from a weapon without reassigning it to another weapon?

  5. How do i drop (not discard) a weapon in pve/single player? I would like to drop a weapon and pick it back up again to help sort out my inventory

  6. AFAIK the frenzyflame stone heals you instead of building up madness but other than that you can probably still be inflicted with madness for gameplay reasons.

  7. Will frenzy skills/spells cause madness buildup in you?

  8. Momo is iconic. He is second best overall though, behind only Madara.

  9. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Now I wait for GoT2.

  10. What is the new percentage of the greatshield talisman for the fingerprint stone shield? It was a 10% increase before.

  11. If only EA would listen to feedback like this. It’s sad.

  12. The new stage with cliffs, slopes and hills is FILLED with terrain movement bugs. They need to fix it.

  13. No gimmicks (eyes, orbs, attunements, hwacha etc), no bs, just pure combat, and large number of tough enemies - new and old.

  14. I chalk it up to hunters generally having low(er) survivability if they had to get in a scrumfest with a loaded defense area, and don't have a smoke bomb on standby. But if the area is about to fall, i.e. the meter is almost filled and no one else is around, the hunter should get in and hold the point until help arrives.

  15. Yup, and no such thing exists 😂

  16. It could be that 8M copies were sold and so the player pool has all levels of skill and theories of what the game should offer.

  17. Seriously, Ghost weapon damage and status effect damage needs to be on the Ronin charm.

  18. I agree, it’s a sick build! That 20% oni damage is yummy 🤤 But how are you healing with such high health? I use the exact same build but with healing incense, caltrops and only one legendary.

  19. Yes, for more details look up similar questions posted here or on

  20. Surrendering is for punks. That feature needs to be heavily restricted, or completely removed from the game.

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