The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

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  1. Our entire childhood was commercials engineered to turn us into consumers by romanticizing everything.

  2. bruh its legit not the unit stop fan boying, their software is broken. I had the same stuff happen to mine, got a new one through warranty and it still didn't work. completely reinstalled windows fresh and it still didn't work.

  3. You are and youre wrong just wrong bruh but ight only thing thats defective is steelseries software.

  4. If he’s talking about Time Travel as just the past or future existing right here with us, right now… He knows Planets, stars, and galaxies move relative to each other, right?

  5. I think with vibrations it was meant very literally. Like, the speed at which atoms oscillate (vibrate) can determine its place within relativity and space time.

  6. Stupid post - dont call shit ransomware because it doesnt work.

  7. A program that crashes my audio services and causes bluescreens sounds like ransomware

  8. Then you fundamentally dont understand what “ransomware” is.

  9. Its a good thing its in the space fantasy - Star Wars - then lol

  10. Hahaha glad you caught that. All glory to the hivemind

  11. Says the guy pretending to ask “honest” questions.

  12. I mean the anti-epic crowd's MO is being dishonest, so why not?

  13. Just a guess, any drastic changes could uproot everything and jeopardize our democracy. It has to be done by the books in order to sway public approval. Otherwise you will have complete chaos in the streets. It’s an extremely delicate matter.

  14. “…the german people said, unaware of the dangers ahead.”

  15. So the game and chat channels are virtual channels, that the sonar software can actively manipulate their EQs and built-in FX in real time (walkie / broadcast / etc).

  16. I love AOC but she is enemy #1 to conservatives. Run her and you get 100% turnout from Republican voters.

  17. I guess if you're trying to impress random internet strangers with a cool picture, sure. That just leads to many more questions about someone's insecurities, though.

  18. You literally have a profile picture on reddit lmfao

  19. Steam didn’t have all the features it has today on day one.

  20. Yes, steam didnt have advanced features when it literally created the digital storefront for PC gaming 15 years ago.

  21. Oh! I guess I was overthinking it. Could have sworn I had them separated in there before.

  22. They were separated, now they arent. Not sure if that is good or bad yet.

  23. You mean people should have voted for Hillary even if she came across as kind of a bitch because elections have consequences and we're just beginning to see the full impact Trump's Supreme Court is going to wreck on the country?

  24. If you think the only reason people didnt vote Hillary was because “shes kind of a bitch” - you are sorely mistaken.

  25. But what i want 2 know is will it be the same if use a kabel in the wireless

  26. With a cable, you get the increased bandwidth of the output (Ive seen this mentioned a few times on this sub).

  27. I get what youre saying but the plastic flat cover could have been made OVER this small speaker. Honestly its insane it wasnt

  28. There are definitely better ways to do it, for sure.

  29. I certainly didn't draw this in a traditional sence but i wasn't trying to make art (if i was i failed spectaculairly) i was trying to learn how it worked, how to use my drawing site and things like that so... Yes i absolutely want tips its the main reason i came with this in the first place

  30. So the good news is - tons of ways to start a solid foundation, bad news is - lots of work ahead.

  31. 30% of eligible voters don’t show up because ‘both sides are the same’ and ‘voting doesn’t matter’. It’s not about getting republicans to unfuck things, it’s about fighting that narrative and getting more people to engage.

  32. I'm not shopping by price. I simply want to have an idea of what I should expect to pay. As stated in my post, I have zero experience with tattoos.

  33. Okay, I guess I took it the wrong way. Thanks for the tip

  34. Its all good. Tattoos are hard to navigate - I have some bad tattoos, I also have seen some “crimes against humanity” level of tattoos from wannabe basement artists who somehow landed a shop.

  35. From where is my 21:9 120hz mode? I want to be able to play with my friends while enjoying 21:9 at 120hz (preferably unlocked, but having a 120hz mode would be easier for them to implement, even though the game doesnt seem to have any game play logic bound to fps).

  36. Use the new coop mod, fps mod and flawless ultrawide mod and youll be good to go.

  37. Sorry I’ve never downloaded mods before, where do I find those?

  38. Nah - he definitely gives off “psycho” vibes, he’d make a great sabretooth potentially, or Sinister.

  39. When it was new it was $1000 and not a good value. Sort of like the 3080Ti this generation, it’s a powerful GPU it’s just overpriced. Then the 3070 came along and matched 2080Ti performance for half the price with less power consumption, which really showed what a bad deal the 2080Ti was. Of course the 3070 wasn’t actually available for most of its lifespan and even now most models cost more than the $500 MSRP of the FE card. So a lightly used 2080Ti for $550 in the recent market conditions is a very reasonable choice. You may be able to find a 3070 for $600 now but if OP bought the 2080Ti a couple months ago, their alternative might have been an $800 3070 and the $550 2080Ti would have been perfect.

  40. It was if you bought it the day it released. If you waited a week then you are correct.

  41. It was if you could find one, on release day* FTFY

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