1. I mean -2 weeks off of 1-2 years. I guess yeah that's true but it's usually just -2 weeks.

  2. Suddenly finds many uses for f11. Shakes fists at sky

  3. suddenly the world shifts as i can't put my application at full screen unless i move my cursor to the fullscreen button (imagine moving your cursor???? noobs fr)

  4. This is a 60% WKL AKL full isolated gasket mount with a passthrough USB port, knob, rgb, and 10u spacebar. jesus

  5. They don't, as I mentioned in my post, the right function keys and shift are non-standard sizes.

  6. I mean yeah, they're non-standard, but they're pretty standard for keycap kits. Even if I search keycaps on amazon for cheap clones, a lot of them feature those keys. For example,

  7. Is there a keyword I should be looking for in regards to keys that are compatible with LEDs? I thought it was doubleshot, but it turns out that just means two kinds of plastics were used.

  8. Yep, that's definitely a Kono keyboard. Kono has a reputation of just being a bad vendor in general. In fact, I looked at their Kono 67 Degree keyboard, and it's literally just a rebranded TM680? The keycaps aren't their fault though, that's how the keycaps are molded. GMK keycaps even have those dots.

  9. QwertyKeys has said that they want to keep the QK65 as an instock item, so it will not be going away. My best guess for when the next restock/drop is is september-october. Maybe November.

  10. QK65 is your benefactor all in. NK65 EE is a bit outdated I would say. KBD67 Lite R3 used to be the pinnacle of budget, but more people are moving towards the QK65 and Zoom65. Tofu65 is just outclassed by almost every other board in it's price range, as the inconsistency of tray mount really shows. QK65 is about 200 shipped, and is gasket mounted, features many foams so you can configure how you want, has a stainless steel weight, many color options, and most don't add extra costs, and the ones that do only add about $10-20. You can also go Bluetooth with an included battery, and there is ANSI and ISO I believe.

  11. Was that a widespread thing? I’ve played overwatch a bit across the past couple years and rarely find a one-sided domination. Far more common are two similar skilled teams with one barely edging out a victory, which I greatly enjoy. Might just be a personal experience.

  12. That was my experience and certainly a strong point in the community, but I haven't played overwatch or been in the community in two years or so. At most I can say that Jeff Kaplan did out right say the matchmaking tries to keep you at a 50/50 ratio. I tried looking for something to link but everything is a couple years old (Like 2019-2016, goddamn Overwatch is old) so I have to assume they might have moved away from that. (Kaplan isn't even on the team anymore).

  13. This sounds exactly like my experience as a Diamond player. I started playing back when it launched, but only started getting serious around beginning of 2020. I played it as my main game all the way until summer 2021, and this is the epitome of the Diamond experience. On your team you have the Diamond who queued with the gold, and the plat who's 1 sr away from Diamond. On the enemy team, you have 1 widowmaker smurf who's GM on their main, hitting shots like a maniac, you have the tracer god who tracks any opponent and has god gamesense, you have the healers who somehow keep the whole team alive no matter what (0 total team deaths) and the tanks who push and our whole team falls back for 0 reason. It feels impossible to win when you're getting curbstomped, and it feels impossible to lose when you have the enemy team in a spawn and they most likely have a toxic player and a leaver. I feel it's because of the weird inbetween point Diamond is. The Average player base is gold-plat, so if you're Diamond that means you're slightly above average. But the game severely is different from low diamond to high diamond. In low Diamond you're basically still playing high plat games. No comms usually, everyone's doing their own thing, it's just everyone has a bit higher gamesense and mechanics. In high diamond, you're practically in master lobbies by that point if you're a tank, and other roles still. You have a decent amount of people comming, there's actually team play, shot calling etc. Also, Diamond is an inbetween point because that's simply where most of the smurfs are. That's one of the reasons I believe Diamond is steamroll heaven. Smurfs, if not trolling, usually end up in diamond. It's usually the last place they can steamroll before getting to masters which is more coordinated. You can hardly solo carry in masters.

  14. Looks like you missed the groupbuy, which means you have to buy aftermarket unfortunately.

  15. What is the difference between the V1 and the V2?

  16. V2 has revisions over the V1 to make it less pingy, that's all I know off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure there is more revisions that I don't remember.

  17. No. Mechanical keyboard parts aren't universal like PC parts are. The only space where mechanical keyboard parts are "universal" in some way are 60% tray mounts. You won't be able to configure your own build most of the time besides the stabilizers, keycaps, and switches. Everything else will usually be in a kit.

  18. i mean that wouldn't stop someone from listing the compatibilities in a database. it would be a lot of labor to go over each part, but the code would be a simple filter.

  19. No no no, there's not enough parts to make that kind of project feasible. There's a reason why you only see kits. If you're not doing a 60% traymount, you will literally have to design your own keyboard from the PCB, to the case and the plate, etc.

  20. Sound is 1 factor in why people build mechanical keyboards. The feel of a mechanical keyboard is also one part. Membranes are mushy, while mechanical keyboards feel nice and smooth (usually). That's why we started lubing switches. Because it made the switches feel nicer and smoother. As a sub result, it made the board sound nicer as well. There's also bad keyboards that don't feel good, and switches that don't feel smooth and nice to use. In a silent keyboard, you can get the mechanical keyboard feel to your liking, while still being able to use it in a public environment, or just any environment to where a standard mechanical keyboard would be a distraction.

  21. Holee mod is already mushy, but you added two layers? If it was still ticking/rattley after the first one, you should've just started trying to wire balance.

  22. yeah, i took off the seccond layer but it still feels just mushy, any tips?

  23. If you don't want mushiness, you probably shouldn't do the Holee mod. Try wire balancing.

  24. https://www.reddit.com/user/hbheroinbob/comments/ruo5rk/2022_gazzew_parts_and_stuffs_please_check_here/

  25. Akko and Glorious had a shinethrough set, and KBDFans had some nice ones as well.

  26. Surprised that not a lot of keycaps got stolen. Probably less children running around so makes sense.

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