1. No. It's embedded in the firmware.

  2. Shout out to you. I keep finding myself returning to your list. Thanks for your work.

  3. Ain’t nobody should be sayin some shit like “other”. What’s the point of playing this game on an emulator when both Paladins and Overwatch is free on pc.

  4. There are other options than Bluestacks. Android handhelds are a thing, as are chromebooks that can natively run android apps.

  5. You don't need a bed to play games on when you have a switch. Now that OP can game anywhere, they got rid of the unnecessary thing.

  6. As long as the game/emulator/app supports it, there shouldn't be a reason why you can't.

  7. Oh shit, I thought this was a link to my video on YouTube...

  8. Did you format the SD card as extended internal storage?

  9. I did choose portable. Do you which format the retroid 3 formats the SD card in cause I know exfat isn't supported by mac

  10. I did that waiting for my Odin. But this is a Christmas gift, so I'm just hoping it ships by mid December.

  11. This does not look good. Stickers like this on a transparent Odin look trash

  12. Your opinion has been cataloged and will be reviewed by our experts in the near future.

  13. Mobile data capability, better battery life, wifi⁶

  14. It was not. I believe it was exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy app Store though. I know I bought it from there and I've installed it on several phones since.

  15. It seems like this update was just for the base/pro. Were the wifi/battery problems not a thing on the Lite?

  16. Two different chips. They have to code the fixes for the D900 separately, and from what I've seen in all their updates over the past year, they likely only have a handful of programmers or a few outsourced people. The 845 is easier to code for, so it gets done first, then they migrate it to the d900 with fixes as they need.

  17. Only tried ranked once, and it put me in duckin' clash. 😤

  18. In your match history, there's an option that lets you report players.

  19. Thing is, it's SUPPOSED to be that way. But since there isn't enough players, the devs were forced to start matching people improperly just to get some matches going.

  20. There's no way you're complaining about bots being too hard...

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