1. You are talking about the spring in the safety block? I just use a spring from a pen trimmed to size. I actually prefer them over the bolt catch spring Hoffman recommends.

  2. Starting this month, MAC builds will no longer be dependent on Velocity. We just shipped the first 10p uppers to PartsDispensed, and we ship bolts next week. Keep an eye out on our site and PartsDispensed for more updates!!!

  3. If I still played minecraft I would check the list of FFLs in my biome and find one that went out of business a couple years ago. If a brave Steve or Alex were to go down to the abandoned mineshaft with a sword and take that out of business FFL's shortcode number, then put a dash, then some other random numbers and use a nametag to rename that sword, if the Iron Golems were to catch that Steve or Alex with that sword it would look like it was enchanted by an FFL, and if for some reason they ran the number, it'd come back dead and/or you did something bad enough that you're in such trouble that you're off to the nether anyway.

  4. My Hoffbolt remix, Hoffman’s single rib SL, or a UBAR2 will all withstand the recoil of 7.62 x 39.

  5. I have experienced this lol. Squirrels have got quite the bite. No issue for them to gnaw all the way down to bone. 😬

  6. I would pay to see that used as evidence in court.

  7. This is a question for the moderators on what they'll allow before swinging the ban hammer

  8. A subjective line that varies from mod to mod? Good luck with that lol

  9. You still have time to cancel the print and pick the correct orientation 😫

  10. The Handlese3 is a superior printer for that price range 👍

  11. AN acceptable method. NOT THE ONLY acceptable method.

  12. You could entirely obliterate any metal serial number with a fucking 1$ file from Walmart in less than 5 min. Seems to me you’re correct and just getting downvoted without a single person pointing out an actual law.

  13. Is the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” being associated with trump and his supporters a difficult concept for you to grasp? We basically agree on everything but that, you can’t say let’s go Brandon and not immediately think of dipshit trump supporters because they put that shit on fucking EVERYTHING, I really didn’t think I’d have to explain this

  14. Crazy how one comment can trigger an entire wave of snowflakes. Apparently someone saying “Let’s go Brandon” and also not supporting Trump is literally too complex of a concept for you to grasp.

  15. If you wanna identify yourself with the inbred back country dumb fucks that got let’s go Brandon plastered on the side of their 1986 dodge 12 valve with the confederate hangin off the back be my guest

  16. Carbon fiber makes filaments weaker #themoreyouknow

  17. I'm slowly learning that.. looking for something stronger now

  18. If only PLA+ had better temperature resistance, there would be no competition.

  19. I seriously don’t understand why people are still wasting time and filament on 45degree prints

  20. The roll pin isn't magically distributing heat only to the hole that it's supposed to go into. Anything it touches is being heated up to very high temperatures, and this can easily scar the print.

  21. It’s just plastic as long as you get it started you can hammer it in easily with a punch. More likely it’s just not lining up with your bolt catch when your trying to punch it in. If it’s not lined up with the pin (which is really hard to see) it won’t go in no matter how hard you smack it.

  22. That’s all I got. I followed the readme and PDF assembly to a T and had no issues really. Best of luck.

  23. Hasn’t been used yet but I have no reason to believe it would crack

  24. All of my prints are from a stock Ender 3 and some of my lowers are approaching 1000 rnds without a single malfunction. They are extremely reliable if you build them right.

  25. Nice. What do your builds look like?

  26. You can browse through my profile if you’d like 👍

  27. BCA the official upper of 3D2A at this point 💪

  28. Not without modifying the bolt carrier since they don’t have a sear trip 🤷‍♂️

  29. Apologies, love the finish especially if it’s durable 💪

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