Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay

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  1. You guys all realize you're commenting on something that happened 2.5 years ago, right?

  2. And what's the point of endlessly discussing an incident that happened to someone else 2.5 years ago, other than to make yourself feel superior?

  3. Lavern Spicer needs a hobby. Or, if you consider spewing moronic thoughts to the world on Twitter a hobby, a new hobby.

  4. Reno: Reens, Reno Beano, Reens Beans, Bean, Buddy, Thumper

  5. This stuff is amazing, especially when you consider the price

  6. Agreed. I like to have a bottle around the house for after-dinner sipping.

  7. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the correct answer.

  8. Elon let go of 3,700 employees. What’s your take on meta/Facebook doing the same to 11,000? HP is looking to cut 10%, google 10,000.

  9. It's not the number, it's how it was done. No regard for business continuity, no notice (in some cases people found out by not being able to log in). Putting forth an ultimatum (in a public tweet) and then acting surprised that a tiny fraction of people took him up on it. It's not the layoff, it's the way he's been a total douche about it in public.

  10. I think if I saw a truck bouncing along on the opposite side of the road I would slow down or stop until the situation resolved itself.

  11. My buddy and I often joke that one of the reasons we wear earplugs is so we can't hear all the awful noises our bikes make.

  12. I drive an SUV because I'm up high and can see really well.

  13. Because society treats rich people like royalty instead of like the court jesters they really are.

  14. I've used craigslist to sell and give away my old gear.

  15. I loved it. Had the hard luggage and put a bit over 30k miles on it. It just got to be a little too cramped as I got older so sold it and bought the FJR.

  16. That's what we get for assuming someone who has lots of money must be smart. Many times they started with money or they were in the right place at the right time, nothing more, nothing less.

  17. The way he's talking it seems like not all the synapses are firing. Having said that...

  18. As there isn't a link to an article, nor is the video complete, I'm going to assume they weren't filming the content while students were there. So who cares? The judgement on this thread is mind-boggling.

  19. Pretty douche-y if you ask me. Do you never make a mistake on the road? Do you never have a bad day?

  20. Yes and yes, but if I make a mistake I don't sweat it, and I don't make mistakes that endanger other people. And as for my bad days I don't drive like an asshole.

  21. Whatever happened to "live and let live" or "turn the other cheek?"

  22. Maybe we should all get our asses off of our couches and actually go to the store?

  23. But that would require interacting with other human beings. /s

  24. If I were you, I'd plan on setting aside $750 - $1000 for gear (gloves, boots, pants, jacket, and helmet). If you can get all that for less (check CL for used gear). You may also want to get a tank or tail bag to carry your stuff.

  25. I'm going to trust the engineers who designed the engine over my uninformed thoughts on the matter.

  26. And yet the right is always screaming, "Follow the money" as a means of supporting their ridiculous theories. Maybe they should take their own advice.

  27. I consider myself a connoisseur of nipples, and yours are gold medal winners.

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