1. https://twitter.com/planopolicedept/status/1626679761937354775?s=46&t=7TBM31fnbRbUiLXcL8Dt0A

  2. A friend of mine put in a pull request to change it a few months back

  3. 7 hours later 41,998 Guardians Fans…clearly 2 people were not happy to be apart of this subreddit anymore

  4. Someone unsubbed immediately after the post went up. I can only assume it was out of spite.

  5. For those of you on desktop who can't read the text:

  6. This reminds me of when Lindor wore 69 during a spring training game

  7. No thanks lol. None of the flags here give me that “pride flag” feeling that almost every other flag has.

  8. We haven't signed a free agent starting pitcher in over 10 years, we aren't going to now either. We have several high potential prospects that are either ready for a shot in MLB or are very close. I am willing to bet money that we don't sign a starting pitcher from free agency before next season.

  9. We signed Gavin Floyd for the 2015 campaign but he injured himself going into spring training

  10. And I hope you didn't 😂 cause I'm out here shook, like what more does someone want our boy to do? That poor person has some ridiculous expectations!

  11. Don’t you mean “entirety”? Still… go Guards.

  12. Lol blame autocorrect for that one, I just noticed

  13. Because this is an unpopular opinion thread I have opted to not ban you for being wildly incorrect.

  14. https://github.com/twitter/twemoji/pull/558

  15. Lol I know them. We had a meltdown when we saw how bad it was gonna be once discord updated twemoji.

  16. This season feels eerily similar to 2013 when we went to the wildcard game. The core is starting to come together again and we need the investment to succeed. I just hope Tito is able to stay around for a while

  17. I've tried getting into basketball and football, but it's just not the same... I have 30+ years of baseball fandom fueling my love/understanding of the sport and this team, but I just don't feel it for the other Cleveland sports. :(

  18. Makes me think even more it’s gonna be Shane tho

  19. They're bitching so hard in the Yanks' sub

  20. I'm a little worried we are wasting the wild thing right now

  21. My buddy said the Guardians have never beat the Yankees in the postseason, that's crazy

  22. As promised in March, I will Venmo $94 to one person that comments in this thread (chosen by a bot) due to Guards winning the division

  23. 🎵Three... is a magic number🎵

  24. Every time I have to count by threes this song always comes back to me

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