[Selfie] 30th birthday. From cystic acne to minimal texture

[Happy crab noises]

You look amazing, glowing, incredible!

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  1. Damn. Seriously? Ppl only grab 10s and 20s around here lol .1 and .2 all day. $100 grams

  2. I mean ya if your grabbing off the street you’ll prolly pay $50 for a 1/2 G of ok soft dunno about hard. Most of the time i get a G that yields 95ish % for $50

  3. Yeaaa my friend makes some fire from some amazing soft. Only shit that EVER got me high

  4. No I’m saying someone’s asking for up right and idk if that means crack or coke

  5. Crack_university is a place where you can get a mastersdegree in

  6. We just started and are waiting for governenau approval … more stuff is going to come soon

  7. How do you change the shape when doing this? Is there a technique to making it like popcorn shaped and not flat?

  8. I just roll the oil glob around on bottom of the can when I'm collecting it with my metal dabber

  9. Later on this evening I will give a tutorial on how to do a microwave cook Believe me folks. It is very easy. Much much easier than a spoon. It's my opinion that everybody learns backwards because they learn on a spoon first. When really a spoon cook is the most difficult cook

  10. Just wana know how to play w shape. Honestly microwave comes out better than the other way surprisingly

  11. Hi, sweetheart!! Sure, I'd be happy to answer your question. I would be very hesitant to talk about cystic acne as being "permanent". I believe there is a solution for everyone, whether that be through a diet change, medication, or a topical solution. I know it's probably really hard for you, like it was for me. It took a very big toll on my self esteem. In addition to cystic acne, I also have very prominent, crooked teeth. Anyway, lol, I just wanted to put it into perspective, that I know how hard cystic acne damages your self esteem. And I don't mean to sound condescending, I actually have a condition that makes me have trouble socializing. So I don't mean to come off as patronizing. I understand, and felt the pain you are experiencing. And I know you can turn it around and kick cystic acne's ass. Hang in there. And sorry for assuming anything.

  12. Also no need to apologize. You didn’t sound condescending at all nor were you patronizing. You seem very sweet and smart and speak eloquently.

  13. And THANK YOU so much for you lovely and sweet compliment. I truly appreciate it. I have low self esteem, just being honest, and things like this reassure me that I’m not that bad.

  14. It’s the truth ! Didn’t want you to feel bad for something you didn’t do

  15. Yea, like a dateline movie. “She received a phone call on the mysterious phone and was never seen again. Let’s go through the day before she disappeared!”

  16. Ohh that’s not what I was thinking but you’re right! I was thinking of a better story ending for you lol

  17. You think maybe it’s the adderal I took earlier, the fact I haven’t eaten in 2 days and i’m really dehydrated? Plus the overwhelming false belief that my blues have something in them? I’ve had blues like this for past months and they taste no different/look. Other people do the same batch.

  18. Yes! You need sleep food and water. If you’re already anxious adderall is just going to add to it

  19. it’s just weird especially because i am fortunate enough to live relatively close to where they ship from and i usually would receive it super early on in the month, so for this to happen is just extremely odd. i feel as if they should have offered you a replacement at the very least 🙃

  20. I have the same thing going on right now too. They didn’t offer me any thing free either and I had add ons and they said some stuff won’t be the same but “just as great!”

  21. I’m really hoping they had it prepackaged before they shipped and it was an accident.. there’s no way you wouldn’t see that while wrapping

  22. it’s selfish to think someone would still keep something over a month for you. i think you’re mad you aren’t hearing what you want to hear

  23. you said people are mean here for explaining facts and rules of mercari to you… it’s bizarre. sales have zero to do with your personal issues

  24. Yeahhh didn’t say that either lol. No one explained a rule either. Just their opinion

  25. My refill came in at 7:00 p.m. last night :) after I called the office (again, right at 445p) and asked them which hospital the psychiatrist has privileges at so I could make sure I went there when I had a major medical event due to their office not wanting to click two buttons on a screen 😄

  26. Yeah that’s unacceptable. My dr is never late with any of my meds. When I went to detox they stole my Xanax and she even got the pharmacy to fill it early by telling them I was going on vacation. I really lucked out w her. She’s the same dr who helped me get off methadone.

  27. It's very unacceptable, but it's a whole lot better than me driving up there, an hour and a half away, on Monday, which they told me was the only way to ensure i got it.

  28. Same w my dr. She’s the best. I’m prescribed 5mgs a day but don’t even come close to taking that daily

  29. Ehh my mom had me in her early 30s and I’ve had some issues myself. It’s def better to wait til you’re mature enough but it doesn’t get rid of the possibility of problems

  30. This is a bad idea. He will be bed ridden for the 2 months or so from that dose. Trust me everything about this is terrible and idiotic. I dunno if it's the methadone or ppl are just amnesiac from it and forget why they got on it to begin with. If you couldn't handle the withdrawals from your opiate of choice then why in the world would you ever think you could cold Turkey the most potent one on the planet willingly. If he needs or wants to get off this and see you without being a bed ridden zombie then postpone it for a year till he tapers off it completely.

  31. I second this. I came down from 120mg and didn’t jump til I was at 5mg. I didn’t sleep for a while but it was doable. He will be miserable

  32. If they can get it brand new in their town why would they even been looking on Mercari

  33. Because you go on mercari to buy a cheaper than retail. Sellers that price it higher than retail price are dumb

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