1. I didn't get my first kill until level 32. I've never had a 4k or 20 bomb and only get to play an hour or two s night. At the most. But I'm improving because I keep at it. You will too. I've gotten 3700 damage and 17 kills, so there has definitely been improvement.

  2. I was never a big twitch guy until my buddy mentioned watching people play apex and I decided to try it out. Surprise surprise it’s entertaining as hell.. even watching streamers that aren’t my favorite. Huge boost to my gameplay too.

  3. Soo I can stop being a peasant and download whatever I want WHENEVER I want!

  4. I usually play with my cousin and friends but they all like to blame me and only me for their mistakes. They also dont act like they are mistakes they act like they are going to die from it.

  5. In a game as competitive as Apex you have to create your own success through options and by knowing that with your friends and cousins you can only get so far/have so much fun. I love playing with my friend and brother but once we reach plat things get way harder and I can only expect so much. We usually burn out around this time anyways and that’s just my experience but like most games you have to set your own goals and decide what you’re willing to put up with to make that happen. I know that sounds ambiguous but basically from what I’ve read here you need to find people as good or better than you and make it happen, or do your best to carry what you have and enjoy it regardless. I know it’s frustrating but you can always do more!

  6. Kim’s Convenience and GoT Legends crossover? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

  7. The only thing I can think of is if there is a combat setting for the timer for DOTs or similar. Maybe there is a setting you have turned off?

  8. Yeah I could be wrong but until recently I turned on the setting with a countdown on each active skill rather than current status effects and it helped immensely. It’s not on by default

  9. I noticed that and it seems to happen more when using the fargrave portal than a wayshrine

  10. I saw somewhere it only happens on certain wayshrines so I’ve been using the next obvious choice. Seems to be working but haven’t exactly tested thoroughly

  11. I wish I knew how to do this! Also, great to see someone on Reddit who trims their nails lol

  12. Sportsfriends has a few cool 4 player vs games but the king of them all is Hokra. Shit is soo damn intense for a pixelated 2d game. Just trust me on this one.. you have to try it

  13. Ebay from a Japanese seller is a easier way to get a official one and save some money. They are region free.

  14. Just happened to me on a 4 hr run. Never had such an OP kit. Hope it gets fixed

  15. Was looking at expansion paks the other night so I could play smash remix and was so pissed I didn’t buy one 4 years ago when they were $25. On the bright side I got some really good deals at the time even for then. Just annoyed all these seller seem to jump on the price gouging game

  16. Shadow latios must be the next rotation, I think this is an easy skip and save two Giovanni passes for a much stronger PVE pokemon

  17. How do you get two? Sorry I’m about to complete looming in the shadows for the first time 😅

  18. Ye same Though weirdly enough when i go on recently sold they are no where near these prices if anything its the average £50

  19. Keep an eye out for now and be ready to jump on it when you see a good deal. Check as many garage sales as you can and pray to the n64 gods every night you’ll get one eventually!

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