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  1. Nope, we are going to humble you and y’all overrated ass RB.

  2. Truly sorry. Believe us, we know from experience how much it sucks to lose The Game. We’ve experienced it nearly every year for like the past two decades lol so congrats on that. I want to say that we’re going to beat you every year, but we both know that’s not true

  3. Yes, because young girls should definitely be listening to Jordan Peterson

  4. Yea great point. The score is mostly from a few big plays. Still impressive of them but not indicative of the quality gap between the two compared to last year.

  5. As a Wolverine, I will admit I’ve found Ohio State to be an extremely intimidating team the past decade. I feel like every team that plays OSU expects to lose because they’re just such a power program

  6. It was for kicking a kicker. Saying player is a little much

  7. Well now the kicker knows what it feels like. The kicker has become the kicked

  8. There's a guy in the college football subreddit that worked with him at Florida. Dude has some stories to say the least.

  9. Gtfo of here with your indisputable, evidence-based facts that everyone here is choosing to ignore or downplay

  10. Letting a squirrel inside a campus building out of rivalry spite is low key hilarious tbh. Well done. I can just imagine building maintenance trying to shoo it out the door lmao

  11. This post reminded me the O is one of the most basic bitches in the alphabet.

  12. Missed an M. We’re already winning the mental game

  13. Either the dude is a huge POS or has a good sense of humour for blaming the kid.

  14. Honestly that’s a joke I would make lol. Especially right after I told him to do a wheelie too

  15. Could be a small beach area, do they have no where else but here.

  16. Lol Matt’s just like: “Yes finally I got em dead to rights!! I win!! I’m so smort”

  17. Undeniably, the best storyline in all of televisions history

  18. Well….how did the producer rate his dick?

  19. I have no social media besides Reddit and LinkedIn, and I mean none whatsoever, and I absolutely hate to say it but yeah I’d probably pay $8/month for Reddit 😣

  20. If, like me, he wasn't a strong swimmer...what should he have done? Become a statistic? On the other hand, laughing like a halfwit didn't exactly burnish has image as a decent human being.

  21. Not a fan. Made no sense. Like what ends up happening to them? Why they do Ruth so dirty??

  22. I was terrified Marty was gonna get executed by someone, cuz that would be such a bummer, so to see the show end with him in a tux and a smile on his face was very welcome to me lol

  23. Imagine thinking that driving like this when you have a gun (and almost certainly drugs) in the car

  24. Virtually all of his opinions and advice are based on his misogyny and belief in male supremacy

  25. Well, his stand is certainly anti war. He literally wants Ukraine to stop fighting so the war can stop.

  26. Somehow blaming Ukraine for not standing down too. What a loser.

  27. He’s one of those “leftists” who just blames the US and the West for everything. I’m not some super pro-‘Murica rah-rah flag-waving patriot by any stretch, but Roger Waters is just genuinely an anti-American ignoramus.

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