1. I am often asked if I am sick in public. Whether that be the sadness on my face making me appear ill or my looks I’m not sure but I know it isn’t normal to always be asked if you’re sick.

  2. Teenagers are probably some of the most vile humans on this planet. I still have PTSD nightmares and flashbacks about high school and I'm still working with my therapist to get over the trauma. It was that bad. It's been eight years.

  3. I’m sorry you had to go through that . And I agree I do not like most of these judgemental dumbasses I can’t wait to get out of high school

  4. Yup i hear about it a lot in school too. Everyday it’s someone praising someone for there looks or someone insulting someone else’s ugly features and calling them ugly. I sometimes think they say it to piss me off. This world gets more superficial everytime bro We can’t escape it

  5. Exactly . I know this shit is demotivating and depressing and everybody says this shit but bro trust me on this, u aren’t just an ugly person. Ur probably cool as fuck and aren’t shallow like the majority of people. Even if nobody acknowledges that. We need to remind ourselves of this

  6. Same, whenever my hair is super greasy or messy I hate having to leave the house, I feel horrible

  7. It all depends on who I’m with, if I’m with my family i don’t worry about my appearance (close family at least) and also my 2 best friends.

  8. I’m not saying the way you’re treated is your fault or not but god DAMN you most definitely lied every single time you’ve posted saying you’re ugly.😭 ain’t nothing ugly about you you have all the attractive facial features people want

  9. Most definitely looks, but as of recent the treatment I’ve been getting has really started to make me more awkward and quiet, scared to be passionate about things

  10. I get those ALL the time. It’s those "ew, wtf" looks. I’m used to them. Keep your head high and above them my friend.

  11. Yeah, I don’t let it gets to me, I wasn’t even mad at him, it just made me super anxious at that moment

  12. Yeah i got those looks They act as if they’re more surprioror and better than us and feel the need to rub it in our faces. He sounds creepy and werid

  13. Yeah I actually thought he was cool at first cause he dapped me up once but I guess not.

  14. I’ve felt this a lot, but I feel like any look besides the one I have would fit me, I would rather have any other face then the one I do now

  15. To me it seems infantalizing and also puts emphasis on the fact that she looks different.

  16. I agree. Why do they feel the need to act weird and try to protect her. She’s a human just like everybody else

  17. We’re not blind, but it’s definitely stupid to be rude and an asshole about his looks. It has no merit to his job, people are fucked up.

  18. Jesus, keep your judgements to yourself- I’m talking about when people are already assholes to us, we shouldn’t be afraid to call them out on their bs

  19. I 100% agree, im talking about just being rude to people for no reason who didn’t already disrespect you

  20. Maybe next time get some clarification on what you read before making your judgey statements and telling others they’re shitty people

  21. I’ve always just been a very shy person, but if I knew someone didn’t mind the way I look, I definitely would have no problem making conversations with them. But that’s the problem . Nobody wants to get to know an ugly person lol.

  22. Same, everyone glowed up in high school and got taller except for me. Hell I have seen people that glow up after high school even, but I am 24 and only gonna get uglier from here on out unless I get facial surgery.

  23. I always read you saying people call you ugly regularly and say it behind your back, which is hard to believe for me. I am like ten times less attractive then you and I’m never called ugly by people. Behind my back probably plenty of times, but I think you see yourself as way worse looking then you actually are man.

  24. I don’t like the narrative that if you’re actually ugly, people will point it out regularly for every ugly person, because I am genuinely ugly, and I have only ever been called ugly once my entire life. Some people are just invisible I guess.

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