1. 3-4x per week for maximum gains. Maybe throw in some two-a-days and some good stretching on the off days. Stay hydrated.

  2. M. 36. I could spend hours with my head between a girls thighs. Hours.

  3. She just wants to fuck your boyfriend otherwise she wouldn't talk like that sorry for the truth Honey

  4. Agreed. I don’t talk to a man about things I’ve done sexually unless I want him picturing me doing those things with him.

  5. My libido has taken a nose dive. I’m a survivor; it has taken me years to get to the point where I can masturbate with a vibrator, feel pleasure, and orgasm without shame or flashbacks. YEARS. Even though I live in an extremely blue state I’m terrified. It is so triggering that once again, my agency is being taken away, my body is expected to meet other people’s desires but my own needs don’t matter. I have an eating disorder and I’ve struggled to eat the last few days because I just want to disappear so I can be safe. Having a body doesn’t feel safe right now.

  6. This is more of a you problem than a them problem because you are the common factor. A girl may have orgasms very easily with one person and not easily with another person. So it would be inaccurate to say that someone is simply more orgasmic.

  7. I love it that he’s like, “4 out of the 5 women I’ve been with haven’t orgasmed but one did so it must be that the rest weren’t ‘orgasmic’ enough.”

  8. your behavior might be a result of your rape. lots of women with sexual trauma attempt to take back control of their sexuality by engaging in lots of sex (i know this first hand)… are you seeing a therapist?

  9. You aren’t fucked and there is no shame in having a high sex drive, especially when you’re 19! But I would very gently suggest meeting with a therapist to discuss the possibility of childhood sexual abuse. Just to rule it out if nothing else. The combination of feeling hyper sexual now and you becoming sexually curious at so young an age might mean that. It also might mean nothing. Therapy can help clear it up and make you feel more comfortable with these urges and how you choose to cope with them.

  10. I've never seen a woman that I was consistently having sex with from an angle I didn't like. My guess of the thought process is:

  11. It might be contact dermatitis. I've gotten it on my neck before using products that irritated it. If it was a one-time use with the salicylic acid and this happened, that's probably what it is. Discontinue use of the product and apply hydrocortisone cream at least twice a day. It may get worse before it gets better (ie a few more bumps appearing) and it could take a while to clear up.

  12. I’ll look into that. Thank you! Do you have a recommendation for a brand? Or any cream will do?

  13. Whatever is strongest OTC from the drugstore should be fine. I'm in the US and use the Walgreen's brand. Hope it helps!

  14. FYI you can be bi-sexual and hetero-romatic (have sex with men and women but only date men)

  15. You could, but then it's just going to turn into a never ending stream of retribution. A real pissing contest, if you will.

  16. My Forester does the same thing occasionally when it's cold. I've learned to just hold the brake and be patient for a sec or two until I feel it shift from R to D before hitting the gas. First time I experienced it was definitely a WTF moment.

  17. Right?? I'm so glad I posted here. If I never deal with transmission issues again it will be too soon. Thanks for the reply.

  18. Totally normal CVT operation. The fluid in Subaru CVT’s is extremely sensitive to thermal exp/con. Cold CVT fluid can damage the interaction of the metal to metal contacts inside the transmission, so when your cars “computer” senses a low temperature it puts a little hesitation in the movements of the actual gearing to prevent damage.

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