1. So if I were to EV train his attack and had another identical one that I leveled up without EV training, the difference won’t just be 10% but could actually be drastically different?

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. Now I need to dig into how much physical damage is done based on attack stat and power of a move. If I can quantify a few examples of that for myself then I think I can help envision the EV stuff more since I clearly misunderstood it before.

  3. It’s actually a surprisingly simple relationship: double the “final” attack stat, double the damage. Double the base power, double the damage. It’s not EXACTLY 1:1, but it is extremely close.

  4. There was no fighting Thalmor in Skyrim, what are you talking about? Best we can do is clear a couple outposts, piss in their soup and maybe kill an emissary, the greater Thalmor are untouchable on a separate continent. Non of the 3 main quests include them, they were a side faction at best. Almost like Bethesda are introdusing a new faction slowly, so not to throw players head-first into new complicated lore and to polish it out while they're at it, huh?

  5. Can we actually piss in their soup, or is that hyperbole

  6. Yeah and they need to go back to that. There's zero reason for a 200 year time skip from Oblivion to Skyrim.

  7. I don’t mind it, personally. It could have been interesting, but Oblivion marked the literal end of the era. Skyrim was meant to be a jump to the first “interesting” new thing of the next era, I think. Or at least, the first thing a chosen one could fuck over and save the day one while leaving room for more adventures

  8. Yeah, it needs more attention: that’s actually something we did irl with California Condor chicks to prevent them from imprinting on humans when raising them in captivity

  9. Honestly, for the Undertale duo, I just roll with Kars rules: Sex = USELESS

  10. The issue is that the legacy of discrimination is primarily reflected in disparities in property ownership, but the government can never ever address the injustices of who owns what-- that's the big no-no.

  11. Setting economic stances aside, it’s nice to see a left center actually up and SAY this. Fuck, wasn’t racial tension in the late 19th century part of why US labor unions never became as potent as their European counterparts?

  12. That’s actually my point: the current usage of affirmative action DAMAGES racial relations by making other races into competitors rather than partners

  13. Anything other than a Young Dragon kills a Roc pretty readily. Size and flight nullify the Roc's grapple-and-drop strategy. Legendary Actions push the action economy even further in the dragon's favor, and it gets more attacks per turn anyway.

  14. This is highly insulting and disrespectful of Caesar.

  15. I mean, I don’t think JP supported Slavery and Crucifixion

  16. Internet? We’re not talking about the Internet, we’re talking about the movies.

  17. And? That’s not too long ago culturally. Certainly not long enough for people to change their minds about whether they’re okay with a kid seeing the silhouette of a man’s lifeless body

  18. Hamburg has fallen! I repeat, Hamburg has fallen!

  19. If you’re going to kill a man, hiding the evidence is a sign of guilt, that you made a mistake: NEVER admit you made a mistake

  20. Don't worry. When they release the sonic 3 + knuckles bonus dvd, you can watch all the special features to unlock the super emeralds

  21. I swear to Fuck, if they don’t call it that when they release it to home viewing, I will be very sad

  22. You either play Germany because you are bad and/or want to play a easy game or because you are a neonazi.

  23. I play as the US because I’m an unabashed Freeaboo and like their massive industrial base, then get me ass stuck in a forever war because I don’t know how the fuck to make a logistics

  24. Oh how I miss the days of classic 80s/90s fantasy designs. Where every female was a bombshell in a bikini, but still fully capible of destroying your ass. Every male had a 6 pack and two barrels as pecs, their only clothing a belt, boots, and a loincloth.

  25. There’s still Dungeons and Dragons. Before you argue about the whole “wheelchair accessible dungeon” fiasco, let me tell you a little secret:

  26. I never said anything about a wheelchair accessible dungeon though? In fact, that would be a pretty cool idea. Dunno what you read.

  27. Why does anything have to be any form of media? (Also, because the video is more entertaining than reading straight text. Also, the video probably has extra info.)

  28. Because some things DO need more than a single sentence to be explained

  29. The video was actually interesting, a French Dr didn’t feel comfortable applying his ear to his female patient’s chest, so he rolled up a piece of paper and used it to listen to her heartbeat, thus inventing the stethoscope.

  30. The true definition of a sigma right here

  31. This is false. Mega Tyranitar is considered just as viable, if not more, than regular Tyranitar on offensive Stealth Rock sets and the only real reason to run base TTar would be if you very badly want to run another mega. The increased bulk and attacking power without the drawbacks of Life Orb or a choice lock are very much worth the mega stone.

  32. Iirc, it’s also ever so slightly faster, meaning it’s a bit easier to “speed creep” things as needed, and Dragon Dance can potentially let you outspeed things properly

  33. “CIA sponsored state that was destroyed by a USSR-backed Vietnam is communism, akshually”

  34. If real communism has never been tried, why are you so confident an untested system will work?

  35. If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it

  36. If you can’t cope, you can always seethe. Kids these days acting like they don’t have options

  37. it still isn't an industrialised slaughter of millions.

  38. I used to feel that way. I was a staunch individualist, figured everyone could just get along if we could just not put our differences aside, but that's not the case. Individuals get stomped by collectives. Figure out which uniform you're wearing, and wear it, unless you want to get completely rolled over.

  39. I already know which uniform I’m wearing. We’ve Been wearing it for 2 millennia at this point

  40. It's not incest if they aren't blood related. They were only siblings thru marriage.

  41. Lots of transphobia in these comments. Thought we were better than this.

  42. If someone doesn’t want dick, then they don’t want dick. Is that really surprising?

  43. It's Russian state propagandists. On the off-chance they knew it wasn't an actual robot, they thought people would swallow the lie and believe it actually is.

  44. Then the Russians will be terrified of what my Grandpa managed to build out of old car parts

  45. It’s about what you’re familiar with, honestly. I’m more partial to the SA2 design. A bit more “complete” feeling

  46. No one ran flying stab anymore in gen 7. You want too many moves to run a shitty stab. Heat wave, hp ice (huge), volt switch, roost, defog, etc

  47. I would hardly consider Flying “a shitty STAB”

  48. it's very shitty on zapdos considering all he had was HP flying or air cutter, now he has hurricane

  49. The way he phrased it sounded like he meant NO Pokemon wanted to run Flying STAB in USUM

  50. Mettaton is the only person here to canonically use the internet to threaten to kill Frisk for something Frisk did online

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