What do you miss the most from pre-covid?

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  1. Clean my room, pre roll joints, prepare music, set my intentions if I have any, poop before dropping

  2. This, I also grab 3-4 water bottles and some fruit. I like to have everything I could ever need other than a toilet in my room and at the ready. makes for less wandering around/possible confusion while fucked up.

  3. I used to work at a dunkin. Food service sucks in general cause people can be some hangry bitches. But coffee shops are a different beast. You deal with actual drug addicts withdrawling from a stimulant. Dont know if youve ever seen a tweaker trying to score more dust, but its scarily similar.

  4. Steelseries, hyperx, sennhieser. Razer makes the most godawful headsets Ive ever experienced. Their keyboards and mice are fine, but youll feel ur money better spent on one of those three for a headset.

  5. its the main reason I work at chip other than the free food (another huge money saver). Until past my associates, Ill be entirely debt free. Just need to get C+ or higher and work 15hrs a week on average.

  6. Had an art teacher in HS that would always have a sub in on 4/20. Even when I didnt have him I checked his room in the mornings in the 3 years that 4/20 was on a school day. He was never there. He was super nice guy, hope hes doing good, I havent thought about him in a little while.

  7. Delivered it on a drone but he only lived 2 miles away lol

  8. In rural Arkansas (Lepanto) about 15 years ago I bought like a 30 sack from a guy. He did not have a literally sack, so he just dumped loose weed all over my front seat. I had to drive back to my house praying like hell I did not get pulled over cause if I did, I was completely screwed. After that, I put some sandwich bags in my glovebox. I also once bought dirt from a homeless man in Downtown Cincinnati. I was young and dumb on that one. Still laugh about that to be honest.

  9. If I have GOOD loot on me, like BTC or anything like that, I take no chances. at the end of the day, we're SCAVS, there is no loyalty among thieves lol just blast them and wait for the new karma system/wipe :D

  10. Settles it then, kill anything that moves regardless of loot in my inven, regardless if they voip or spam lean to attempt conveying friendliness and especially if they have their back to me looting a crate or stash. Happy raids!

  11. I remember reading somewhere that >50% of the US population cant even read above a 6th grade level. Explains why putting up signs for customers is useless.

  12. Ran into a pmc while scav running customs, both of our guns were broke boi 10 rounders. We whiffed every shot at each other and instead of reloading I voiped: “were both empty and still standing, lets just go opposite ways”. I wasnt shot in the back when I kept moving the way I was originally intending.

  13. If it’s more than 10 you’re supposed to direct them to purchase them in bulk online. It’s in the training.

  14. how does one do this? 👀 Im never trying to activate 17 gift cards again, that was ass.

  15. I pay attention to if its a tap card or not, theyre pretty common and so much easier to instruct someone to tap. All the old people regulars at my store use tap now, i love it lol. When telling people to fix their card I tell them to twist their card around and use an invisible screwdriver as a hand sign. Works pretty well. If all else has failed, I give 3 short lived attempts to change it on their own before I offer to show em how its done.

  16. This, every grace period of a min or two with nothing going on to catch your breath, walk on back to the sink and spray everything down with soap water hose while you catch your breath. Ive had nights before that almost every pan just sprayed out without any scrubbing needed.

  17. when we floor squeegeed it up it did look like a pile of vomit

  18. Poor high schooler dropped that last night, got it all on and in his shoes + up his leg. Had to spray his entire leg off in dish sink cause his skin started tingling and itching.

  19. manualed an xl navy, t'was a good dec drop for the bot-less shopper.

  20. Manual honestly wasn't that bad, sad I couldn't get the plum, but I got washed navy which was my 2nd go-to choice so I'm happy with today's drop. The first manual on a bogo I've ever hit too.

  21. I got my last exam today, stoked to finally get some time off studying biology.

  22. That's fucking awful. I'm sorry people treated you so poorly. Dunkin's customers are a special breed of awful.

  23. They're awful because they're legitimately fiending drug addicts. Lest we forget caffeine is a physically addictive stimulant. A lot of people getting food are rude because *hanger*, but nothing beats the rudeness of an addict wanting their fix to

  24. I had a lemon kush one, good tasting oil and effects, just wasnt expecting 3 clicks worth of drawing it back would be such a fat dab.

  25. most likely perlite or hermie seeds, nothing to really worry about just pick it out of bud and you should be good.

  26. Too bad customers don’t want to hear the apology and want to cause a scene in the lobby. The poor people who work cash get the brunt of the abuse.

  27. Its ok we get out at 10:30, thats the trade off for being the first worker someone can interact with.

  28. If i could find sales I would try them but a 5th from woodward is usually 5-10$ cheaper where im at so its hard to justify, Ive only had their rosin.

  29. Haha, i hate when i hide stuff from myself im stoned.

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