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  1. Pucci is the closest of the two names to the real name, since the Chi in Puchi would be pronounced as "Ki" in italian

  2. "Please do not put Pornography on your objector my mom checks my Tf2 account even tho there's literally an option to turn off the Objector images

  3. Ultra sv is defen character too. But after his green card sv destroy everything with ulti

  4. By defensive he does not mean defensive Type. He means a character that is a good switch in under any circumstance.

  5. Bro hit him with the uno-reverse card💀

  6. So basically he switched into Ultra Broly under any circumstance

  7. Oh, THAT explains why she went to the big shoe store crab last week.

  8. Holy shit is that GOKU BLACK who is actually without a doubt BLACK???

  9. Please i hope they actually do it cuz it's more frustrating than the thumbs down pin

  10. LMFAO db legends has a better soundtrack than brawl stars, bs soundtrack is mid af

  11. Wooooooo someone finds a brawler attractive so scary!!!

  12. When in doubt use legends limited characters, they're overall usually good.

  13. Splatoon is that one game that everyone can like tbh, that's why I think it has a big lgbt audience.

  14. Lmfao Lola is one of the highest skill capped brawlers tf are you on??

  15. 3956 fucking gems to max out a single brawler amd And the supercell Simps will STILL tell you the progression system is good.

  16. What are you gonna do now? Make fun of me in a dead chat? Call me a weirdo? Lmfao.

  17. HH fans don't deserve this show dawg, they annoying asf

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