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  1. Military guys, guys in gentlemen’s clubs, or engineers

  2. Most of them are arrogant dweebs or “nice” guys

  3. Halle Berry is definitely one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen and all these ladies have a great sense of style. Gamine styles (especially FG) have always been one of my favorites.

  4. Barbie, Kat, and Lea are totally cute! And Jane looks great at any age.

  5. I never tried it because it feels degrading and like I’m being reduced to piece off ass (with my asshole in his face, which I feel really uncomfortable doing). I’m more of a top anyway.

  6. This is very male gaze Edit: I don't get how this is downvoted. Only a man would draw a woman with those proportions, especially considering that the guy there looks normal.

  7. The kicker being Raja is also a huge stoner but does NOT forget her references!

  8. Genuine question. Are there any queens that didn’t smoke weed? (I’m up to season 6)

  9. Scientific studies have shown that most girls do not check out body parts. They check out the whole guy.

  10. The ASS and the BULGE and the THIGHS and the ABS. Sometimes even the hands!

  11. I always feel a bit hard done by as a DC. All the other descriptions are moods or attitudes and instantly conjure up an image of the type of woman it personifies. 'Tailored Chic' is a dress style....I feel like my personality has been distilled to a pencil skirt 😂

  12. Same. DC always get the most boring labels. Boss chic would of been much cooler and all the dress recommendations for us are office clothes. I dress more like a FG/SN anyway.

  13. Kibbe curve is strong here, if she was shorter I would have said R family or SG. I don’t really see vertical (which would have lead to SD), so I think SC could be possible. SC weight gain patterns also fit her.

  14. For sure. Halo Effect right there. If he was just average looking or had very polarizing looks, I'm sure it would be a lot easier for people to hate him.

  15. Yup definitely gay. Look how he tries to highlight his but in the last pics

  16. Every once in a while wholepotato will post a thirst trap, but what makes it really amazing is his personality, he's hilarious and pretty hot as well. Think golden retriever vibes.

  17. I’m a simple girl. He has a nice ass and bulge and is fit. Sometimes thats all what it takes to arouse me. As far as content wise goes, he reminds me a lot of Eddie Murphy!

  18. They’re too rugged and tatted for my liking, but I’m sure a lot of the ladies here will appreciate them ;)

  19. As much as I absolutely hate the rigid height rules for women, I think you might be a FN if you have width (like a SN). There’s also plenty of curvy FN like Linda Carter and Megan Thee Stallion

  20. He looks like a yin type, but not sure which one.

  21. I had a hear attack until I checked Screen Rant’s twitter and it was nowhere to be found

  22. Where can I find jeans that are going to be loose on my butt? I gained a few pounds and right now I don’t want anything that’s going to be tight there.

  23. What a way to stereotype people. I’m latina and I can assure you most are not TR or SD (Most are short). I’d say gamines and SN are the most accurate. Also last time I checked Kibbe has nothing to do with ethnicity.

  24. I always thought he looked the hottest in the Okja movie

  25. My favorite "badass women" moment was the season 2 finale with Stormfront being jumped by Maeve, Annie and Kimiko. No dramatic cinematic score needed, no special effects while posing for the camera while defeating an alien entity. Just good old fashioned curbstomping of a Nazi bitch. God I wished it lasted a little longer.

  26. That is actually one of my favorite scenes from The Boys and possibly the best in season 2 imo

  27. Honestly I think a lot of his appeal comes from his acting ability, charisma, public image, halo effect, etc. which is all good and legit (loved him in The Boys recently for sure), but on a pure-looks basis I'd say maybe 6 range?

  28. I agree with your description, but no way he's a 6 and a handsome "normal guy". That's a bad photo and has a very symmetrical face with great lips as well. The halo impression is when people get a good impression solely based on good looks alone.

  29. Oh in that case I guess I was referring to the inverse halo effect like when someone of utterly mediocre or below looks (like Tom Hiddleston with his narrow face, odd features, asymmetric ears, high visibility of both upper and lower eyelids, and severely receding hairline), who wouldn't get a second glane without their fame, is fetishised and fawned over endlessly because they exist within the halo field of their success, charisma, skill, image, etc.

  30. Since you mentioned watching The Boys, out of curiosity what would you rate The Deep’s actor?

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