1. I seriously have my doubts about them switching to UE5. It’s a they’d effectively be remaking the game from scratch for very little (read: none) payoff. A project I’m working on is switching mid dev to UE5 from UE4 and we’re looking at another year before we see any benefit.

  2. It's supposed to be a 10 year game. If they switch to UE5 there is a significantly larger pool of devs that can work on it efficiently.

  3. I'm dumb AF on this stuff. What's all this talk about engines with games? If they have a working engine on a platform, why don't they just use that?

  4. Not every engine is created equal. You can look at it like a car engine for example. They all go but some are significantly better than others

  5. My rule of thumb is that if there's room for a rad there should be a rad. 2x 360 and a 480 should be fine

  6. On the flippity flipside they could also be HC players because none of that shit is in HC.

  7. On the flippity flipptiy flipside, they can just play HC when the game is out and both sides can be happy :)

  8. Just for arguments sake HC always gets awful support. Bugs that were fixed in the last game always come back, they never get the limited time modes, and I'm sure there is more. Those are the reasons I stopped playing HC back in MW19

  9. I loved the beta. Gun play is on point, Looks great, good map flow

  10. You are literally supporting the “shitty Activision company” by buying the game, regardless of if you bought it on Steam or Battlenet.

  11. If you buy it on steam then Activision only gets 70% of the sale where on bnet they get 100%

  12. My point is if someone thinks they are a shitty company then why give them any money at all?

  13. what i noticed is when i bought it on steam i paid 20 more then the one on battlenet so i refunded steam and bought it on battlenet

  14. Steam is generally a better experience and less of the money goes to Activision so it's a win-win

  15. Well it's weird, since I've been grinding more than you have in that case, yet I'm still tier 50 (did join on week 4 of Tenrai event so i was late too) been doing all challenges and playing for fun, i have missed a few missions or two but mainly been playing all weeks, guess I'm just not doing it properly somehow

  16. I have only played during events and I am tier 48 right now. You should be able to complete all of the weekly challenges in a day or two. Playing any more than that fairly inefficient.

  17. I mean Adam isn’t even the bad guy of this story. Faraday and Kiwi are really the ones you should be mad at. This take mostly just tells me most people didn’t really get the story or what Night City is about.

  18. I have probably 9K in my build at this point. Nothing more than homeowners insurance for it. Anything more is silly

  19. You home insurance won’t cover a 9k custom build. You have declare high value items separately. Coverage would be for an average priced home computer

  20. You have to claim each individual part rather than the entire unit as one. 9K being literally every aspect of the system down to the chair. It's just a super rough number I pulled out of my ass

  21. That can be fixed with a razor blade and some patience. Honestly wouldn't be worth the hassle of RMA for me, but only you know what it's worth to you.

  22. I got the same thing in MW19/WZ and Vanguard a few months ago. If there was any human interaction with the banning procedure they would have seen that I'm an average player at best. If I hacked or cheated I have nothing to show for it. On vanguard I was only like level 30 as well. I hated that game.

  23. The whole thing is beyond a joke, I got shadowbanned 7 times in Warzone (prior to Ricochet), so whatever system they use just doesn't work.

  24. I ended up making a whole new account and reformatting my OS in preparation of MW2. They wouldn't tell me what was flagging me so I had to nuke my entire system just so I would feel comfortable that I wouldn't get banned after dropping another $100. Automated systems are garbage and automated systems that won't give a reason are ever worse

  25. Did you turn down the 1st person camera movement? (Graphics > View > 1st person camera view > Move slider to 50

  26. Fuck dude I spent all night searing this was an option on playstation. Thanks

  27. They are not good enough to play games that actually prioritize movement so they have to prioritize it in a game that doesn't

  28. Well yeah no shit. But nothing is leveling up when I use it.

  29. Because they are probably locked for the beta. The AK74 only goes to level 1/1

  30. I think you unlock it through the M16 tree. Gotta level up every gun in the family to get everything

  31. Lol @ everyone in here saying PC doesn’t have an advantage. Most of you are all PC players.

  32. You are missing the point. OP said cross play should stop when they can just disable it themselves. They don't want to disable it they want it removed from the game.

  33. I only have a 100hz display but I don't cry about consoles having higher fps than me. Get over it it's not a big deal

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