1. Someone recreate this with Scout Gunner and Engineer.

  2. I'd honestly give it more to Anubis, since the enemy built 1 antiheal item in total he SHOULD have popped off, but he chose to build not only his starter item last, but lifesteal probably 20 minutes into the match.

  3. True, probs a low skill game. There's a lot of stuff really wierd going on with the items and the stats.

  4. If no one is injured and I'm at the gate, I'm 99 the gate. If I get even a whiff of people trying to get my attention for something, I'm leaving. Y'all can enjoy whatever shit you are going on, but if yall get downed, It's on you.

  5. There's a lot of good answers, but The short answer is that Cyberpsychosis is a Mental thing, Not a hardware thing. Thing is, Smasher just does not give a shit about anyone or anything. So how can he lose his empathy if he never had any. Guy was probably a stone cold, Black hearted bastard of a man before he borg'd himself out and that hasn't changed with his implants. He probably has always seen himself as a Killing machine, down to a psychological level and if anything, He's probably gotten more and more stable the more implants he got.

  6. The $10 cost the vampire/Werewolf bites are a scam. Literally anyone and there dog will give you a free bite if you just loiter around the altar and ask in zone long enough.

  7. As someone who plays both, I can recommend it, If, You can handle a bit of a less.... Accepting crowd. The game is less of a "Mission" like DRG, And more of a "Point A to Point B". Higher difficulty is DEFINITELY harder on V2 so if you like the mass chaos of Haz 5, Then yeah, Rat 4 Dead 2 is pretty good. There's a pretty hefty combat system in it, And melee takes the forefront of the combat (Unless you are playing a certain elf. Fuckin 99 arrows and Half of em are planted in my back!)

  8. I'd be absolutely pissed but at the same time not at all. Well played dude.

  9. The reason why Bull sucks is he gets zoned out of existence if He isn't camping a bush. He's slow, He's got no range and even his super gets him killed

  10. Yeah, I just wish tanks would be more useful in a meta, other than heist.

  11. Yeah. I miss when I first started and played Bull nearly exclusively and pushed him up to 500 before realizing he sucks

  12. For Scout, probably the Zhukov's, I just.... Don't like them. Everything else I use, besides Pheromone Nades

  13. Solo, For sure. It's literally just 1 guy bullies the other out of lane until jungle shows up, You leave them, rinse and repeat until you move on to wandering the map. Honestly most of my solo games are just "Box the dude a bit, beat ass or sit under tower and wait for something to happen while my ADC is either getting farmed or having the best game of his life."

  14. I mean, It might have been a genuine Wow. You hit two back to back Deflects. Pretty good.

  15. I don't think I've ever seen a Bea hit that many shots in my life dude what the fuck

  16. With boil over, 1 of three things happen, if not all three

  17. Ah yes, I can team with 7 other people or instantly have 4 people gank me then spin on me.

  18. You just play the game. If you need to power level,go gets friend and do Skyreach in Craglorn if you don't have money. Other than that,Do the faction quests because either way, it's gonna take time.

  19. Is there people usually there that I can tag along with too?

  20. Yeah but usually if it's not within a guild or a friend, It's people that loiter there to either be carried through it or are selling runs for gold.

  21. Tranq rounds give you some semblance of long range lockdown on things like Menaces and other shit that pokes at you from afar. Even with the nerf to damage and mag size, I don't ever notice it and it feels like a Green overclock with the benefits of a red. I see the Subata as an emergency long range support tool with how I use it

  22. Makes sense, I personally prefer to use my pocket Scout for long range support, but he can have a day off.

  23. Well, It's more of the tranq rounds give you access to reliable, Extremely long stuns on all but boss bugs, Letting your team burst down Wardens and menaces.

  24. Imagine running away and this wall of a motherfucker just headbutts you in the chest, Full helm contact, and you fall off a 25 foot drop and die

  25. Sometimes people are whiney, entitled brats that think they are the boss of everyone.

  26. Smite, Giving you guests that give you items for free? Man I wish I had whatever your optimism was. I'm sitting here hoping I don't have to buy the quests after buying the skins

  27. Even then, you usually can only do at most 3 quests for free without buying more keys/ maps/ whatever they are called

  28. I feel like alot of the stuff at launch turned streamers off from the game since it was either play a low level surv and get decimated by a max level demon, play a low level Demon and get Decimated by a 4 man one shotting everything, play a high level and steamroll, or rarely Get an even, fun match because you grinded and burned yourself out super quickly by the time you maxed a single Character. I played it for about 2 weeks before dropping it because it just.... Wasn't fun getting out against a full team of high levels and getting shafted while some nagging bitch condescended me while Survs were basically dropped onto 2 map pieces and a page, Which was next to the dark ones.

  29. A good nurse can down a survivor in Seconds and apply insane pressure on Survs. That god loop literally means fuck all if a nurse can hit you at any second. The guy who loops killers for days suddenly can't because Nurse just teleports onto him and slaps him in the face, then does it again 7 seconds later.

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