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  1. Castillo has taken over duties of bromancing Jim Day

  2. I would rather fill my sinuses with venomous scorpions than pay money to see a fucking minions movie

  3. If that would have meant fewer non-combatants vaporised while going about their normal business, then I have to say yes. I don’t think you can justify killing innocent people on the basis that their government killed other innocent people.

  4. You really don't know much about WW2 do you? If we had opted for an invasion of the mainland, hundreds of thousands would have died on BOTH sides. As I mentioned, the US Government made over 1.2 million purple hearts, because they anticipated that many people potentially being wounded. The Japanese of WW2 were absolutely barbaric and ruthless. Nuking them was 1,000,000% preferable to an invasion.

  5. Are you trying to build an argument for the US to do the same to Russia because of what’s happening in Ukraine?

  6. Hopefully rays move yo Charlotte as it's the closet listed city to Tampa. Would hate to see the few rays fans be far far away from their team.

  7. Worst take I saw is someone on facebook who said they should move to Greensboro to get both the Charlotte and Raleigh markets.

  8. I mean, does anyone have their genitals in view of their phone camera while their watching porn? They would just see blackness as my phone rests against my blanket, or my face if they're looking at the FFC.

  9. Yeah, based purely on facial expressions, my agent could just assume I'm watching Schindler's List or something instead of whacking it.

  10. The things I would do for $425k. I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.

  11. I think they're referring to 2020-2021 when gas was cheap due to covid. A lot of people I know did trade in their cars for newer ones during that time because they had extra money saved up.

  12. I mean, my next car probably won't reach that. That's because I'm also looking aesthetics. I'd like a car that is pleasing to my eyes. A lot of those newer cars that reach 40mpg are just flat ugly in my opinion.

  13. Hes just trying to do the "im not religiious, i have a relationship with jesus"

  14. I'll do it if you do it. Come on, right now let's go, I've got the fucking knife, come on let's fucking go. You gonna back out? Let's do it bro.

  15. My dad absolutely loves all the Transformers movies. Can confirm.

  16. Idk why these two keep getting mentioned together when everything about them are completely different. From production to the actual films core, neither have a single similarity outside of "multiverse". Apples and oranges.

  17. They're getting mentioned together because they're both movies focused on the multiverse that came out within a month of eachother.

  18. Yeah, that's why they’re being mentioned together. You're confusion as to why is answered in your same comment.

  19. i saw this years ago and it actually is a fun theory, definitely worth at least reading an article about, although i can't say whether or not this is the right one to read

  20. There's a pretty famous YouTube video about it.

  21. India is gonna get a purple heart at this rate.

  22. Mr. Muggs got shot in the head straight execution style.

  23. Jones was not the only one behind the suicide.

  24. It’s great to have the big names in it, but what if they just left it open to anyone? Let the guys who want to give it a shot do so. Details can be figured out later but I say just take the pressure off stars to do it.

  25. If you think about it, hamlet is technically a historical event.

  26. I'm close in all honesty. You what's fucked up? If you didn't have Joey B and the SB appearance I already would have. I don't want to be seen as a bandwagon fan though.

  27. As long as you're willing to submit to our lord in heaven Joey B you should be good.

  28. I would let Joe Burrow do unspeakable things to me.

  29. I never noticed until this video that Scott was in the middle of the scrum. Love that guy.

  30. 90% of dudes i knew in school wanted to be rappers, many didn’t even have a plan B. Now they’re factory workers wRapping stuff so I guess it’s a win? Lolol

  31. Going to school in the rust belt out in the country, 90% of all the guys wanted to be automotive mechanics but just ended up working at Tractor Supply Co. for 3 years before moving on to a factory because they all assumed they didn't need college as they watched the Motor Trend channel for 5 hours a day.

  32. and a “magic bullet” isn’t batshit? lol

  33. No it's not. If you look up, you know, facts.

  34. The JFK library, the official Warren report, fucking Wikipedia, I don't care use anything that cites legitimate sources.

  35. Burrow stays on this path his contract extension could top mahomes 😮‍💨😮‍💨

  36. I'll give him my house in a contract extension if he wins a Superbowl.

  37. Wait until you hear about basically every rock band from the 60s/70s

  38. Agree. Cricket is so boring, it's endless waiting for the batsman to hit a sixer or four so they can trot to burline before the fellbop grabs the shooperbop and lags it to the girshling before forty shebbles are scored.

  39. I wish we had an NBA team. I love college basketball but can't really keep up with the NBA cause there's no team here.

  40. That's why there needs to be an NFL team with a child as a mascot. You see, I could easily beat up a child, however it would depend on how many children are there. See I've put a lot of thought into it, and using an algorithm I created that takes into account Body mass index, age, fighting experience, weather conditions, man-made/improvised weaponry, as well as a plethora of x-factors, I determined that I personally could beat up 8.6 children before being taken down myself. So I think the amount of the mascot that we're fighting is also important.

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