1. Just saw on The MTV Challenge sub that Robin (cute but wild girl from back in the day) is a legit homeless crackhead now. That’s a sad story

  2. Been reading David Goggins book and never felt like more of a lazy loser. Only like 5 people on this planet can possibly be wired like him.

  3. Russillo should try mixing it up and interviewing more authors, bloggers, musicians, other podcast hosts. These former athlete interviews are a snooze fest 98% of the time.

  4. That one normal looking dude in Drake’s entourage Zack B gets so much strange just because nobody knows what he does or why he’s important

  5. TikTok is just hot sorority girls have a dance off. Not complaining

  6. Cracks me up when people announce they got laid off from a tech company on LinkedIn and then process their love to the company. Like cmon have some pride

  7. Teenage Adam on the Rehearsal put on a masterclass in acting

  8. I just read about the dui and her sentencing. Really nuts. She’s constantly freed then re sentenced over and over and finally hit her with 8 years

  9. You know how crazy Brittney Spears has to be that her own kids would rather be with Kevin Federline instead of her and are actively avoiding her

  10. She clearly has some sort of bi polar schizophrenia. Her Instagram is disturbing. And I got news for you people unmedicated like her don’t live long

  11. Word on the street is that it was the AOC cum tribute guy who was the GBPD officer who shoved AJ Dillon at the soccer game. What a small world.

  12. Why do the TVs when you enter a Costco look better and clearer in store than anything I’ve ever seen in anyones home? Is there some sort of secret advanced tech they use on the sales floor?

  13. Should I finish The Gray Man? I stopped watching last night because the first three action scenes seemed like they were written and directed by a 12 year old child

  14. Has anyone had success trying to bang long term platonic female friends

  15. I was friends with a girl freshman year of HS, friend zoned, and finally hit 3yrs out of college. Was an all time stride of pride walk next morning.

  16. Idk if I’m in the minority with this but the parenting parts of The Rehearsal aren’t very good, hoping it leads to something better

  17. For those who have experienced a big layoff at a tech company, what are some signs a few days and weeks prior to it happening? For context, I think we are going to do it.

  18. I have a friend who transformed into a shitty person seemingly over night, found out he's been abusing Xanax. What I don't understand is that we went through D.A.R.E together so he should know better

  19. Although he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana and was also street racing at the time of the crash, he believes the true culprit was the faulty mechanics of the car itself. "In retrospect, I had gotten a new Scion tC and I was trying to sell the one that I'd crashed," he said. "But I had an alternator problem with the other one and didn't get it fixed. And I completely forgot that my front right tie rod was bad, which controls steering”.

  20. Finally finished Jurassic park domination. Locust? The dinosaur movie was about fucking locust? What the fuck?

  21. I ordered it on prime and think it was the worst movie I’ve watched since the second Jurassic park with the mansion

  22. I’m very serious when I say you absolutely cannot trust somebody that posts those without shame. Potential serial killer

  23. It reminds me when girls uploaded entire FB albums via digital camera circa 2007

  24. Is there an artist who fell off harder than Chance the Rapper? Acid Rap was such a good album and everything since then has been shit

  25. His career is so weird. Pretty much an A lister and hosting an SNL and now he’s just a zero.

  26. Can someone answer this plot hole for me — how are the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park 15-25+ years old adults if the park is brand new? How are they so fully grown.

  27. They grew the dinosaurs before they officially opened the park.

  28. Boy that new Jurassic Park movie was as bad as everyone said. Absurd plot.

  29. For all my FTers that have been married at least 1 year —- what’s the longest you & the BV have gone without 😎

  30. Really angry I spent $20 on Amazon prime to rent Jurassic park dominion. Shit sucks so far and I’m halfway done

  31. Bob Ryan on Russillo’s pod is up there with AJ Green in awful podcast interviews

  32. So is Instagram just 90% random videos of shitty comedians and unfunny Influencers I don’t follow? Can’t even see my friends and family on here unless I scroll a mile

  33. This Robin character on Rehearsal can’t be a real person.

  34. Laid off at 7 on a Monday morning. Think I’ll just kill myself real quick

  35. It’s days like these I curse the fact that the Chinese invented gunpowder.

  36. Gray man is just Bourne Identity with Gosling instead of Damon

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