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  1. I keep seeing that build said something but I never see WHAT build said. It’s bothering me because there’s two camps and I have no idea what’s going on.

  2. Absolutely. My hair is butt length. My HUSBANDS hair is longer. Nobody would accuse him of not being manly, lol.

  3. Dude, I have never heard of your company and I am not a shopper for IC (I buy things through them though) but now I’m going to go buy some cookies. This is super chill of you. I’m really hoping you have a series of stores in the Cincinnati area.

  4. Trust a local to come to the rescue lol. I actually found 2 on google maps. Apparently they have Two flavors “this week” too? The cookies change weekly I guess but these look good so I’m hoping there still there when I make it up lol I think the one you’re talking about is in cinci proper but there’s also one in west Chester l. Not sure how I haven’t heard of this place before, they look pretty popular

  5. Let’s see… I was 11 and at the library and found a book with pictures called “Eerie Queerie”. Life changing. 😂 found out later it was called a manga.

  6. I’m suspecting the cosmos is out to get me, because I’ve been rescheduled to work 2pm-10pm every Saturday instead of 10pm to 1 am… and now I have to wait until the middle of the night to watch Kinnporche 😭😭😭

  7. Something is wrong with me, I thought of absolutely nobody…

  8. I’d choose Gun Phunsawat before any of them honestly :D but I’m biased because he’s my favorite. I can’t see any of those four playing in an action movie honestly.

  9. Well I just watched Tale of a Thousand Stars for the first time and am on episode 8 and it’s basically ruined me emotionally so if you’re in for heartbreak 100% watch that.

  10. Ah those stickers are just personal things I’m tracking that help me identify the reasons behind binge urges. Since my binge urges is linked to depression/anxiety/self worth or something like that. The circular stickers track how I’m feeling that day.

  11. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait! Did they remake QAF? When???

  12. And here I am waiting for he series to end so I can marathon it. I can't do that episode a week thing for this.

  13. Proof that things don’t stop being beautiful even as they age 😘

  14. My boy Techno has the best taste in t-shirts

  15. Yesssss! Techno has the ultimate comfort/chilling style down :D

  16. Iqiyi sent me a notification that they posted this WHILE I WAS WORKING and it it basically made me want to die the rest of the night because all I wanted to do was sit back and watch this show lol

  17. I didn't even get a notification even though I have a VIP subscription, I hope it doesn't mean that it's geo locked.

  18. Hmmm. I’m in the states, if that helps? :( I hope it isn’t

  19. I’m not guilty at all. 100% shamelessly love this lol

  20. Okay so I’ve never played genshin impact. If I’m fascinated by these pictures. What are these characters, what are they from? I looked up the game and they aren’t there

  21. Like many others, I got into Thai food. I always liked eating it, but UWMA made me interested in cooking it. So I now regularly visit my local Asian grocery (luckily I live in an area with a lot of Hmong people) and own 3 different kinds of soy sauce and keep Kaffir lime leaves and pandan juice in my freezer.

  22. We have an Asian grocery here too, but it’s just Cams International Market. We also have 2 Jungle Jim’s. Doesn’t have everything but we are lucky enough to have access to a lot :) still sad I can’t get lychees :/ haven’t been able to find them so I’ve been settling for lychee flavored things lol

  23. Speaking of lychee, have you or has anyone else here tried the lychee Kit Kats?? They're delicious 😋

  24. I’d be ready if only ANYONE was willing to come to the hellscape that is KY. Please save me from the confines of this place.

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